There is a Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, Connecticut. It is a different type of cafe than the Red and Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon.

The Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, Connecticut makes it clear that they

Red and Black Cafe in Connecticut

serve all people. They have sadly received some e-mails from people thinking they are the Red and Black Cafe in Portland which asked a Portland Police Officer to leave while I was talking to him May 18, eventually making national news after my blog post, “Where’s a Police Officer to Get a Cup of Coffee?” went viral.

The Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, Connecticut notes on its website that: 

“We pride ourselves for being a cafe that is open to everyone.  To act differently is not simply bad business, it’s just mean. We obviously have a special respect and gratitude for our local officers who helped us through a tragic event.  To be on the receiving end of many angry misguided emails is a bitter irony.”

And, to show their support of the work that police do, they will offer a free cup of coffee to local police officers who stop by. So, here’s another place for police officers to get a cup of coffee.

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