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Police Welcome at this Red & Black Cafe

There is a Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, Connecticut. It is a different type of cafe than the Red and Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon.

The Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, Connecticut makes it clear that they

Red and Black Cafe in Connecticut

serve all people. They have sadly received some e-mails from people thinking they are the Red and Black Cafe in Portland which asked a Portland Police Officer to leave while I was talking to him May 18, eventually making national news after my blog post, “Where’s a Police Officer to Get a Cup of Coffee?” went viral.

The Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, Connecticut notes on its website that: 

“We pride ourselves for being a cafe that is open to everyone.  To act differently is not simply bad business, it’s just mean. We obviously have a special respect and gratitude for our local officers who helped us through a tragic event.  To be on the receiving end of many angry misguided emails is a bitter irony.”

And, to show their support of the work that police do, they will offer a free cup of coffee to local police officers who stop by. So, here’s another place for police officers to get a cup of coffee.

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5 Responses

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  1. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Rob- thank you so much for your support of officers! I am sorry you received some bad press initially and I know folks appreciate your clarification. Best regards, Cornelia

  2. Chuck says

    Support the police!
    Beat yourself up!

  3. Chuck Glisson says

    Well for YOUR information, the “RED AND BLACK” Cafe, which is the ORIGINAL one, thank you very much is doing GREAT BUSINESS!
    So if you want YOUR Cafe to do as well as THE ORGINAL Red and Black cafe, then MY recommendation to YOU is to KICK a cop to the CURB as SOON as YOU CAN!

  4. Arthur Phelps says

    OOH, a WHOLE FREE CUP OF COFFEE to an Officer who stops by, wow!

    Actually The Red And Black Cafe in Portland has had MORE business AFTER the incident, so I recommend that if the Red & Black Cafe in Middletown Connecticut want to expand their business, they should kick a cop to the curb too!

  5. Rob DeRosa says

    As manager of The Red & Black Cafe in Middletown, I want to thank you for this clarification. The police here who helped us through an unspeakable event were both efficient and compassionate. As we continually search for closure we hope that the unfortunate dealings of the “other” Red and Black can fade into the distance.

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