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Red and Black and Blue: In need of dialogue on police relations – Guest Column in June 14 Oregonian

My guest column, a follow up reflection on the interesting national conversation that my original blog post, “Where’s  a Police Officer to Get a Cup of Coffee?” has generated, is in today’s (June 14, 2010) Oregonian print edition, in the Opinion section.  Here is the link:

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  1. Arthur Phelps says

    I’m sorry, but I just don’ t see a person like you even being in a cool establishment like that, I think the whole thing was a set up. Did you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame sweety?

  2. Dan Paden says

    I just completed reading your guest article in the Oregonian.
    I want you to know I have been in Jail so I know that side of the fence.
    Did it cause me some hard feelings towards police? Yes.
    It did not however kill my respect for the police and the job they do.
    I was in jail due to my own loud mouth and to blame the police or
    disrespect them would be completely wrong.
    If a lot of these people would or could walk for One hour in the shoes
    of a police officer, they would see things differently.
    Every day these men and women say good by to their wives, husbands,
    and children, and parents knowing they may never see them again.
    their familys sit at home a lot of times in fear of unexpected knocks at
    the door or phone calls because it could be the news they never want
    to receive.
    Do these men and women do it for the money or the respect? Not on
    your life, the money sucks, there is no respect and too much disrespect.
    I allways wanted since I was 4 to be a police officer, but the truth be
    known, I could not would not do it for the money they get and I know
    there would be no respect in it for me.
    Theres only one reason any of these people do that job, LOVE
    Love for their familys, love for their communitys, love for their country.
    I wonder if any one of us had to do their job for their pay and the lack
    of respect they receive, would we act any differently than some of them
    do at the rare times that receive so much negative publicity.
    Every time a Police Officer puts on their Shield they are puting a Bullseye
    right directly over their heart, and they are not forced to do it, they do it
    willingly out of love.

Continuing the Discussion

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