On the One-Year Anniversary of the Accident

It’s so easy to go back to a pattern, to take each day for granted, to think we have forever, to not think of our lives as a vapor, a few brief moments then puff, they are gone; we forget times like our accident, that remind us how brief our lives really are. That is why we celebrate the anniversary of our accident.

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So, we’ve been failing at Advent . . .

And, even with several readings in one night, we may not complete all 25 Advent readings. That is okay. We can read the stories after Christmas, too. And, so what if my kids snuck ahead in the Advent wreath and there is no more candy for the last couple of days before Christmas. Oh well. This is real life.

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Traditions create roots kids return to

Every year since our children were babies, we have packed up the kids the day after Thanksgiving and driven up to the Mount Hood National Forest to cut down our Christmas tree. It’s quite the effort especially a day after we have filled our bellies with turkey and...

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Having a Mary mindset in a Martha World

My daughter left today. You’d think I’d get used to it. I don’t. When my daughter visits from across the ocean, we stop the busy-to-do-lifestyle life.
We go to indie coffee shops and on long walks in the neighborhood and make sure we meet with friends and family.

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It’s hard, it gets better, keep on keeping on – On parenting

After the recent winter concert of my sixth grade son at his middle school, we went out for ice cream at the local Baskin-Robbins with about a dozen other families from the community who, like us, were celebrating the wonderful holiday musical event. It was my...

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Rough Draft – The theme of the 2015 Faith & Culture Writers Conference and my life

I love the quote by Maxwell Perkins that goes like this: “Just get it down on paper, then we will see what to do with it.” Perkins, as the editor of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe, knew what he was talking about. I also like the quote by James...

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No one cares, Mom – Oh, but they do!

There was no question regarding getting the Christmas tree this year. We got up early, two days after Thanksgiving, gathering our bags of cold weather gear, and drove to meet the Seigneur side of the family along with our older son and his wife at the Estacada ranger...

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