The Only Formula for How I Mom is Love

Love. The only formula for how I Mom. And try to live my life in general.  Love. It’s what our kids need, it’s what we need, it’s what the world needs, it’s what our community needs, it’s what our neighbors need, it’s what our parents need, it’s what our sisters and...

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Make grandparents and extended family a part of your family life – How I Mom 2/30

2/30 How I Mom: While your kids are growing up, make grandparents and great grandparents and extended family part of your lives.  -          -          -          -        -          -          -          - When my husband and I were first married, his folks had...

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The last time I saw my brother Thomas

The last time I saw my older brother Thomas was when he was in his casket. That was 1983. I was 18 and he was 20. He had a blue and red button down plaid shirt on that was tucked into his jeans; his face was embalmed and he looked so serene, so peaceful, so innocent....

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Just show up

I was in the wedding of my dear college friend Meri 25 years ago, and when Meri and her husband Ray started their family, Meri’s mom Mona would stay at Meri’s house to help her.Mona would cook the meals, wash and dry and fold laundry, hold Meri’s new baby, just be...

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Find your thing

My twins and youngest son and I attended my friend Kristi’s daughter’s last lacrosse game of her college career at George Fox University, where my twins are freshmen. I love looking for opportunities to see my boys on campus and it was fun to be able to combine it...

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Tell them that you miss them

This past Monday, was my first day back in a month at West Linn High School where I regularly serve as a substitute teacher; for some subs, that may not be a huge deal, but I exclusively sub at West Linn; typically, I am at the school three to four days a week,...

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“Where’s the rest of your house?”

My neighbor Wendy’s first grade daughter had a friend over for a playdate in their home, which is a three bedroom, two bath adorable ranch, and the friend said to Wendy’s daughter, “Where is the rest of your house?” A similar thing happened to my son, who had a very...

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My house is not a museum, we live here

But, later she texted me and said: “Thank you so much for our coffee chat today! You are a bright light in my life, and I feel so blessed to have the gift of your wonderful friendship. Also, I hope you know I wasn’t saying your house was messy! I was trying to say that it inspires me to prioritize what is important…travel, family time, experiences, a home that is warm, inviting, cozy, etc.”

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We wait for one another

Right in the middle of the packing process, one of my twin sons said that his friend was stopping by for a quick visit and it was the only time Mick could see his friend the entire Christmas break and it was starting to get later and Mick’s friend was still not at our house.
Someone suggested that we take off and let Mick just stay home so he could see his friend.
But I insisted and said, “We wait for one another.”
And we did. It’s what we do.

Sometimes in our quest to be productive and to see a lot and do a lot and be on time, we can put to-do lists in front of what is actually important, and that is our relationships with people. It’s what people remember, how you treated them, if you made them feel valued. Yes, they are watching. Those little things matter. We wait for one another.

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Help our Kids Believe that God Loves them

When a friend of singer-songwriter Rich Mullins asks if he will listen to a tape of a certain preacher while they are riding in Rich’s jeep, Rich is hesitant. His experience with traditional preachers has been less than favorable. His friend insists, saying to give it...

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Having a Mary mindset in a Martha World

My daughter left today. You’d think I’d get used to it. I don’t. When my daughter visits from across the ocean, we stop the busy-to-do-lifestyle life.
We go to indie coffee shops and on long walks in the neighborhood and make sure we meet with friends and family.

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