My house is not a museum, we live here

But, later she texted me and said: “Thank you so much for our coffee chat today! You are a bright light in my life, and I feel so blessed to have the gift of your wonderful friendship. Also, I hope you know I wasn’t saying your house was messy! I was trying to say that it inspires me to prioritize what is important…travel, family time, experiences, a home that is warm, inviting, cozy, etc.”

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We wait for one another

Right in the middle of the packing process, one of my twin sons said that his friend was stopping by for a quick visit and it was the only time Mick could see his friend the entire Christmas break and it was starting to get later and Mick’s friend was still not at our house.
Someone suggested that we take off and let Mick just stay home so he could see his friend.
But I insisted and said, “We wait for one another.”
And we did. It’s what we do.

Sometimes in our quest to be productive and to see a lot and do a lot and be on time, we can put to-do lists in front of what is actually important, and that is our relationships with people. It’s what people remember, how you treated them, if you made them feel valued. Yes, they are watching. Those little things matter. We wait for one another.

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Having a Mary mindset in a Martha World

My daughter left today. You’d think I’d get used to it. I don’t. When my daughter visits from across the ocean, we stop the busy-to-do-lifestyle life.
We go to indie coffee shops and on long walks in the neighborhood and make sure we meet with friends and family.

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