My daughter is home from Germany, so it is with joy that I write about Week 8 Adventure with Kids ~ Summer 2011, with her along! Rachel’s   fiancé Stefan is also with us as well as my nephew Burkhard, whose sister Birgit had visited us for the summer 2005. The twins are at Boy Scout Camp. We wanted to show Burkhard and Stefan Mount Hood’s Timberline Lodge area, and I read about a hike in my Hiking with Kids book near there on Timberline Trail, a 4 mile loop on Little Zigzag Canyon.

After checking out the Lodge and savoring a sack lunch with a picturesque Mt. Hood as our backdrop, we started on our adventure on Timberline Trail.

The snow along the trail was a sign that we may not be able to find all of the trail we were looking for. In the book it said that the trail is accessible “August through October.” We were not deterred. Adventure is just seeing what we can see and the book is merely a starting point for me.

So, we just started walking and we found the “Timberline trail” sign, figuring there would be a sign for the Little Zigzag Canyon trail as well. But, we did not actually find it. That is okay. The adventure is in the looking and the exploring and the view and the laughter and the throwing snowballs   in August and the getting kids outside.

The walk was quite steep, and our goal became to make it to one of the structures where the ski lift takes off from. We used the ski lift above us as a visual map.

While watching kids stumble over rocks and wander beneath the mountain peak and pick up sticks and climb boulders,I was listening to them share and laugh and I was taking in this most amazing mountain in front of us and the view of Mt. Jefferson and the Three Sisters in the distance as well as other mountains Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. As I beheld all that was in this most extraordinary moment, I shared with my German nephew Burkhard how important it is to get out into nature  to explore and see new places in the outdoors and I mentioned how children these days do not get out as much as they used to. And, while explaining to him the vision for my Weekly Adventures with Kids and the blog I write, I mentioned to him the book, Last Child Left in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, by Richard Louv, which emphasizes how  increasingly disconnected children are from the natural world, and the detriment that it is to their development.

Then, a few moments later, I get a text message that says, “Have you heard of the book, Last Child Left in the Woods? I think it is perfect for your WriterMom weekly adventures with Kids focus.”


At first I thought Stefan had texted me as a joke somehow, but he had not. Then, I saw the text was from my husband, and I am wondering,   did I accidentally dial him and he overheard my conversation, and he was teasing me?

But, after texting him back, he said he did not hear anything, but that he just happened to be at REI and saw the book Last Child Left in the  Woods, and thought of my Weekly Adventures with Kids Summer blog! Amazing. Now that’s a God moment. A surprise. A perfect moment to a perfect adventurous day.

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