The only formula for how I Mom. And try to live my life in general. 


It’s what our kids need,

it’s what we need,

it’s what the world needs,

it’s what our community needs, it’s what our neighbors need,

it’s what our parents need,

it’s what our sisters and brothers and cousins and aunts and uncles need,

it’s what our friends need,

it’s what our kids’ friends need.


That comes from an everlasting, unconditional eternal love,

we love because He first loved us. . .
God is the definition of Love.

To love and be loved.

Nothing better.

There’s nothing else. .
That’s all our kids ultimately want to know,


that’s all our kids want to feel,

That we love them.
No matter what.

We can’t earn it,

we can’t lose it.

We can only give it away.
Let go.


It’s not complicated, it’s simple,

it’s all they need.
Love God.
Know that God Loves you.
Love others.
Just love.

—     —     —     —     —

This is the ninth post in my 30 days of November series on “How I mom” – How do you mom? I’d love for you to join me! Comment here or on Instagram or Facebook! 

How I mom 9/30: Love #howimom30
How do you mom? #howyoumom30

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