(Also published in Oct. 2, 2013 The Oregonian print edition)

SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: Nick Hines Age: 18

Hometown: Tualatin

Tualatin High School senior

Sport: Football

AX218_7B37_9.JPG(Nick Hines, Tualatin High School senior, runs the 100 meters when it’s not football season-Photo by

Position: Wide receiver

Coach: Rob Hastin

Highlights: “Received second team all league honors in 2012. This season, the game against Hillsboro was a highlight. It was great to put points on the board as a team. We won, 45-29.”

How he got started:
“Youth football in fourth grade.”

Family of athletes?
“My mom was a swimmer and my dad played soccer.”

Favorite part of sport:
“Nothing is more exciting than competing against another team with your brothers by your side.”

Favorite meal the night before the big game:
“Anything, because I only worry about what I eat the day of the game.”

Other sports? “I run the 100 meters for our track team.”

Rules to live by:
“To make sure you are happy at the beginning and end of each day.”

On his iPod:
“I have been told I have a really weird taste in music. My favorite two genres are rap and the ’80s.”

What’s next? “I plan on attending a four-year university.”

(Originally published in  Oct. 2, 2013The Oregonian and SPORTS SPOTLIGHT-NICK HINES- OREGONLIVE.COM)


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