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Name: Saskia McNairy

Age: 17

Hometown: Lake Oswego

School/Grade: Lakeridge High School senior

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Middle blocker

Team Name: Pacers

Coach: Wendy Stammer

Highlights of season: “The highlight was then we beat Clackamas, in four games, for our first league game. We came out feeling we had nothing to lose and we just needed to put it all on the line. The first two games were not that close — we beat them 25-16, 25-13. That third game we came out thinking we had it in the bag. That’s when they went off on us. They won the third game with a score of 25-23. The fourth game we knew we had to finish it. We both fought for every point but we ended up winning the match 26-24. In that game my hitting percentage was 0.421 percent and I had nine kills.”

How she got started: “I have two older sisters who started playing volleyball when we first moved to Oregon. Their high school coach, who is now my high school coach, told my mom I should try out for a club team. I ended up trying out for the Athena 12’s team when I was nine and made the A team.”

Coach’s advice: “Usually before we play a big game Wendy will say, ‘Play to win, and play together.’”

Favorite part of sport: “My favorite part of volleyball is how close I’ve gotten with the girls on my team. We are all so close and supportive of each other.”

Favorite meal the night before the big event: “I don’t really have a ritual for games but one thing I love to eat is pasta with pesto sauce and sausage.”

Other sports: “I do track and field in winter, spring, and summer.”

Rules to live by: “Learn from your past, but don’t get caught up in it, and live in the present.”

Inspirational statement: “Hard work will always pay off in the end, so work hard and try your best.” — Lakeridge track coach Scott Spear

Other hobbies: “I am part of the Lakeridge A Cappella choir which is the top choir at our school; I also love to read.”

On her iPod: “Tessellate” by Alt-J, “Gold Lion” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and “Shake” by Ying Yang Twins.

Favorite books: “Into Thin Air “ by Jon Krakauer and “Sold” by Patricia McCormick.”

The one thing someone may not know about her: “My favorite animal is a manatee and for Christmas I adopted one.”

What’s next? “Next year I plan to run track at a university closer to home and get a degree in physical therapy or business.”

Cornelia Becker Seigneur

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