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Kacie Van Stiphout says the highlight of this past high school season was the state championship game against Central Catholic. “We won 3-1, and it was our first 6A volleyball state title ever for Lakeridge.” (Brittany Restic photo credit)
Kacie Van Stiphout



Kacie Van Stiphout .jpg(Kacie Van Stiphout – Photo by Bailey Van Stiphout )

Age: 16

Hometown: Lake Oswego

Grade/School: Junior/Lakeridge High School

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Outside Hitter

Coach: Wendy Stammer

Highlights of season: “The highlight of this past high school season was definitely the state championship game against Central Catholic. We won 3-1 and it was our first 6A volleyball state title ever for Lakeridge. Our fans were amazing and had so much spirit. In that game I had 15 digs, five kills, and two service aces. We worked hard all season for that final point in the match, and when we won it was the best feeling ever!”

How she got started: “I started playing volleyball in third grade. It was either between starting playing volleyball or taking acting classes. I couldn’t imagine being an actress so I’m really glad I chose volleyball!”

Coach’s advice: “Wendy always says ‘NTCS’ which means nail the coffin shut. If we’re ahead in a game she never likes us to get complacent. She wants us to finish the game strong. She always says play for each point. And play for each other.”

Favorite part of sport: “I love passing and digging in the back row. I hope one day to play in college as a defensive specialist (DS). Plus, during the season one of my favorite parts is team bonding. My team was really funny this year.”

Favorite meal the night before the big event: “I never eat something the night before a game, but before home games I usually go to Palisades Market and get a sandwich with other teammates.”

Off-season? “I play club volleyball with Athena Volleyball Academy.”

Rules to live by: “Always play for the love of the sport; remember why you started and where you want to be.”

Memorable advice and who said it: ” ‘Go hard or go home.’ That’s something my sister says to me before every game or tryout.”

Hobbies: “I help with camps at Lakeridge with all the little volleyball players. I also love watching scary movies; one day I want to major in production.”

On her iPod: “Atlas” by Coldplay and “Let Her Go” by Passenger.

Favorite books: The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins. And Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer,

The one thing someone may not know about her: “I have a twin sister named Bailey, and we’re born on Christmas! She dances and throws javelin in the track team.”

What’s next? “I’m going to be a senior next year at Lakeridge, so I’m excited to have one more year playing for Lakeridge. After high school I plan on playing volleyball in college.”

— Questions: Cornelia Becker Seigneur

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