Get your kids outside into nature with you 


All ages.

All stages.
Take all the kids. Take just one kid, invite the cousins, go alone, invite a friend of theirs, invite a friend of yours.

Go for an hour, go for half a day, go for the entire day.
Go nearby, go far away.

Go in sunny weather,

go in rainy weather,

go in the summer,

go in the fall,

go in the spring,

go in the winter.

Just go.


Breathe in the wild, exhale the stress.

Kids may complain as they get older, keep asking and trying anyway.

Get your kids off of electronics and social media. 

As we build outdoor adventures both near and far into our family’s culture, it builds into our kids the habit which will instill in them the value of the importance of exploring in nature and they will take that into their later teens and 20’s and adult lives.

I see it with our four older kids and I trust this will take hold in our youngest one as well.

  • – – – – – – – –How about you? How do you get kids outside? What kinds of things do you do with your kids outside?

How do you mom?

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