tomorrowland dreamer _digitalhd_d8330077We watched Tomorrowland again. Our first time seeing the film I noticed the phrase in the film, “What if there’s Everything?” The conversation went something like this: This little girl  looks at the stars in outer space, and tells her dad that she wants to go there someday. But, her dad says, “What if there is nothing?”

And, the little girl counters, “What if there is everything?”

I love her hopeful spirit in life. People who are not bogged down by worry and concern and obstacles,  but instead they move forward and live large and dream.

Even if they fail, at least they have tried and risked.

find the dreamers photo rachel gus 12250036_10153439518814652_5052719907321868619_n As I watched the movie again with my kids the other night, another phrase stood out to me:

“I was made to find the dreamers.”

Wow, I love that. I realize that is part of my mission in life: I want to find the dreamers. I try to do that with my writers connection group that I lead and with my Faith & Culture Writers Conference. And I try to mentor writers and help them get published and help encourage them to create and to tell their stories.To dream.

Along the same lines, I want my kids to find the dreamers. I want to instill in my children to look for friends who are positive, who live life to the fullest, who risk a little.  Friends who dream.

Find the dreamers.



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