canal woods adventure summer 2015 group IMG_2637Canal Acres Nature Park in our next Canal woods boys walking away summer 2015 adventure 11954821_10153313526769652_682042524087326268_ndoor city, Lake Oswego, was the destination for our 8th Outdoor Adventure with Kids this summer.  The 31 acres that make up Canal Acres are found across the road from Bryant Woods Nature Park, which we had visited a couple of years ago. I had been wanting to see what Canal Acres area

When you get to the Canal Acres sign, there is a gravel driveway with limited unmarked parking. You see three or so mailboxes which tells you that in the back of this nature area are a few secluded houses. We found the path off the gravel driveway that led us into the nature area and we remained on the path until it ended. We turned around and also meandered down the middle path

which was about half way down the trail and we we took that one next. That path led to a loop around a large wetlands with a lush canopy of trees. Quite stunning.

Canal woods sign four boys summer 2015 adventure IMG_2646Being such a hot day, we made this a Mom gus summer 2015 adventure canal woods 11988501_10153313549334652_1638029197344321700_n short outing. I was satisfied to finally get to come back to this area, to see what was across from Bryant Woods Nature Park. And, I got some great photos in a very naturally wooded area. I am so thankful that city developers have preserved these amazing natural areas right in the middle of these cities.




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