Outdoor Adventures for my boys are not always on the top of their priority list, I must admit. Sometimes, I have to make an effort to talk them into it, which could not be truer than on this day, when we explored Bryant Woods Nature Park in Lake Grove.IMG_3305

We have been driving by this park all summer while going to and from the 24 Hour Fitness in Tualatin, where the twins and I have been working out this summer. I have been wanting to stop there all summer, but there never seems to be enough time. Is there ever enough time for anything really.

     As we all know, you have to make time.

     So, on this day, on our way home from working out, I tell my twins and Gus that I’d like to stop for a short adventure in the park, walk a few of the trails. As the summer months are coming to an end, I am feeling like I want to squeeze as much of the summer out as possible. And, this Bryant Woods Nature Park is so close to so many businesses we visit throughout the year, besides the 24 Hour Fitness. I have just been curious about it.

    My kids have not been. They just want to go home. This is real life.

     They say I just want to take pictures and blog about it, which is true, but I also really love to explore and find new places and see new outdoor areas both close and far away.  I have to get out, even if it is just for a few moments and I believe my kids do too. They just don’t realize it now. I tell them they will like it and you never know what we might see and they should be happy that their mom wants to take them on adventures.IMG_3290

     As Henry David Thoreau said, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…”

    Guilt nor poetry don’t seem to work with my  kids.

    But, since I am driving they have no choice. I tell them give me a half hour (but deep down, I mean an hour and they know it).

     Across from  Bryant Woods Nature Park is the Canal Acres Natural Area, which I had also hoped to visit, but I was already pushing it. The area is splash of nature in an otherwise simple neighborhood that is not far from businesses and some light industry. I want to return to check out the old Oswego Canal.


But, today’s adventure was just Bryant Woods Nature Park. The hike starts on a gravel trail lined with trees and blackberries, IMG_3273which the kids started picking IMG_3297along the way. I called them black gold because they became the highlight of our little adventure. Gus had a little neighbor along with us and he really liked the blackberries as well.I was so grateful for these blackberries which became a treasure hunt for the kids.


There was a creek along IMG_3298the way and the trail was bordered on one end by a neighborhood buffered trees and a sign that said No trespassing.


The trail meanders to the left and I told the twins that I guessed it would loop back to the start, and I thought we should explore to find out, so we did. At this point there was a clearing and a IMG_3279meadow on the left with roses on the right. As we continued walking and soon came to a forest like IMG_3286path with the trees creating an arch. Beautiful. Even with the homes to the right, in the distance.


The path continued and sure enough, looped back to the place where we parked.


I asked the kids if they had fun and they said yes. And, I knew I would be pushing it if I asked for my usual photo by the sign, but they humored me. And because we had a friend with us, we were able to get all of us in a photo together.IMG_3300 - Version 2


It was an hour adventure. The kids were right that it would take longer than 30 minutes.  And, it could have been longer still. Next time we return for the Canal Acres Nature area just across the street.

(If you go, please share your experience!)

Bryant Woods Trailhead.


Driving Directions to Bryan Woods Nature Park in Lake Oswego:


4401 SW Childs Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035Drive Interstate 5- SOUTH – and take Exit # 290 for Lower Boones Ferry Road and Durham.

At the light, turn left onto Lower Boones Ferry Road for Lake Oswego.

In 0.2 miles, make a right onto McEwan Road.

Drive 0.7 miles on McEwan and go right at a junction onto S.W. 65th Avenue.

Drive 0.2 miles on 65th and then make a left turn onto Childs Road.

Drive straight on Childs for 1.1 miles and, just before a bridge, turn left into the gravel parking area for Bryant Woods Nature Park.

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