By Cornelia Seigneur

During a good-bye party at Pastor Dale and Linda Ebel’s for a Bible study member who is leaving for Germany with her family, I met a gentleman who said he had been reading my story of the Police/Red and Black situation, and told me that it inspired him to a particular action: When he was at a Subway getting lunch, a police officer walked in to also order a sandwich; and, as a small token of gratitude for the work that police do, this gentleman decided to purchase the police officer his lunch.

When I later told my husband about what this gentleman shared with me, my husband suggested I begin collecting these tales of acts of gratitude and kindness toward police as part of the Blue Ribbon Campaign that we launched on Facebook 

Since my original blog post story “Where’s a Police Officer to Get a Cup of Coffee?” appeared, people have e-mailed me their stories of how they have thanked police officers, many by purchasing a cup of coffee for an officer. And police officers have shared with me that random people have come up to them and handed them Starbucks gift cards to get that cup of coffee. They have also received thank you notes.

With today’s sad news of the Monday shooting death in North Portland of  17-year-old Billy Moore  (who was not involved in a gang)  where police have in custody the alleged perpetrator of the crime, we are once again reminded of how police are such a vital part of our  society. Though it is still under investivation whether the shooting of Billy Moore was gang related, it is clear that gang-related crime has increased in Portland, which makes the job of the Portland Police Force that much more difficult. It is their job, and they put their lives on the line daily as they investigate crime and work to keep our communities safe; perhaps we can once in a while make it our job to thank them for that hard work. 

So, that is what I am offering in this space. A place to collect words, to gather stories, to hear tales of how people have appreciated the work that police do. I have tried to turn the focus of my original post in a positive direction, which is what the Blue Ribbon Facebook page was about. Along the same lines, the idea behind this post is to gather  what I would like to call Blue Ribbon Stories, of how the police (who wear blue uniforms) have made a difference in your community. And perhaps what you have done to show gratitude to them in the past few weeks. Sent a card? Purchased a coffee? Thanked an officer personally? We’d like to hear your stories.

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