BOOK Publication CELEBRATION Jan. 26, 2009 Reflections

BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 038Highlights from my Jan 26, 2009 Book Publication Celebration at West Linn Public Library. With a reflection toward the end. Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 001BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 005Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 004Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBOOK CELEBRATION 004BOOK CELEBRATION 011BOOK CELEBRATION 024BOOK CELEBRATION 036BOOK CELEBRATION 027BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 021Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBookCele100_3801BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 043BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 008BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 009Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorThinking about the Jan. 26, 2009 Book Publication celebration — it was amazing and I so loved  the connections between people and the stories told were fabulous to hear. I have a passion for stories. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that so many would turn out, and I was so grateful to see so many wonderful people come.

Many who came tonight and the Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur AuthorBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur Authorlibrarian Carol Hull BOOK CELEBRATION Brian Hansen photos 017who helped me think that well over 200 come through the doors to the West Linn Book Publication Celebration at the West Linn Public Library- I want to thank the community for its support of the book! Mike Anderson shot photographs all evening including this one posted of Kernan Bagley, Bill Hughes, me and Harold Gross, all with different connections to West Linn.

Wow, what an amazing community in which we live-

The pre-event started with our mayor Patti Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur Authorand councilor Teri Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur Authoras well as so many others- past Mayor Norm King; Ken Worcester, Cassandra Ulven from TVFR as well as other fire department reps. WFTV was filming. Mary Hill, Sally McLarty, Judy and Dave Shipley, Toni Bernert, Bill Hughes, LaVerne and Kernan BagleyBook signing by Cornelia Seigneur Author– for starters. Terry and Karyn Pennington Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur Authorcame and HJ Hamilton and Midori. Glen and Rose Ek. George Matile’s wife. Vickie Greenwood. John Klatt who helped me. David Banash’s wife. Mark Hanson played guitar and Shelley Mathewson played viola.

Others from the community came. And they came and there is such a sense of pride living here. Both long-timers and newbies – okay, so 20 years living here is considered new by some- many who showed up tonight who have only lived here a short time.

So many people helped with today’s event. Set up began at noon for the history disply-Marupong helped, Midge Pierce as well and Midge was my assistant the entire evening. Then, home for a little while, getting the food and other items. Kathy Conrad, Janice Roberts, Jennifer Harrel and Marupong again came early to help continue with set up and assist with food and drinks and making sure everything was running smoothly.

Liz and Judi sat at the book table and my twins Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur Author

and two of their friends were going to do a local history quiz, but we had forgotten them which I fel badly about, and there was so much to remember and in the end there was so much going on that it all was fine. Perhaps I will do something at their school with the local history quiz.

The “program” started at 6:20 or so when Carole Hull from the library introduced me and I was able to share with the group gathered the amazing people who were involved. Both those who contributed photos and those who helped with research and editing. As well as those who helped tonight with the Celebration.

My parents and in-laws came, my sister and sister in law, m y brother. My special friends. My writer friends. My neighbors. People wanting to connect. Old friends recalling memories. The community room has a 143 capacity and that was overflowing into the hallway for most of the evening.

When Harold Gross Book signing by Cornelia Seigneur Authortalked about his bus service, someone called out and said-“hey, I got detention on your bus. . . ” – people laughed and smiled. . .

I read the comments in the Guest book and I got all teary eyed. I do not think that everyone got a chance to write in there, but what people said was amazing.

There are people who came that I did not get a chance to talk with, but I saw them from a distance and I want to say- thank you for being here. And when people brought me books to sign, I wanted to sign more than just my name. Every person who came has significance and means a lot. In separate ways. It just was a fun night and I am still buzzing. . .

Wow, we live in a great place called West Linn- and as my husband Chris said- by the show of people there tonight, other people feel the same way

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Photos courtesy of Michael R AndersonbookCelkathy100_3800, Brian Hansen, Kathy Conrad, and Donna Lundy, Mike Thorne and Christopher Seigneur.

Other stories about this event and the book’s release were in the local newspapers which are archived online at:



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