For as much as we complain about modern technology — especially if it is not working and if it eats up too much time and if our kids are over-using it — it sure is nice if you stop and think about it.


Last weekend I was able to not only talk to my daughter who is spending the year again in Germany, but I was able to see her — and her boyfriend who was visiting her .

You have got to love SKYPE. How amazing is this modern technology? StefanRachel10-25-09Video call snapshot 9

So, here’s a  modern snapshot of life: All five of  us in our family who are still at home (it still feels weird to say that Rachel and Ryan are away), are standing around my lap top at our kitchen island DSCN3400_10868watching Rachel and Stefan on TV and talking to them. It is so much fun!


Kids growing up in this generation may not realize how far we have come with technology as their worlds are filled with cell phones and texting and the internet and video games and cable TV and facebook and twitter and ITunes, and they’ve never known any other world.

I get overwhelmed sometimes and have written about the importance of learning to use the off button.

But, then again, I have to admit how much I appreciate modern technology now that my daughter is overseas.

Sometimes I will be sitting in my home office writing and I will out of the blue hear my daughter say, “Mom” via SKYPE and there she is. Her sweet voice across the ocean. She has been gone now since September 10 and this year is coming home for Christmas. Being able to see her via SKYPE makes the distance that much shorter, or at least bearable.

My daughter has a  MAC computer with a built-in web camera. I do not. So I have been able to see her, but she has not been able to see me. She says it feels like she is talking to a wall. And, I am still fine tuning how to figure out the video on-off button to be able to see her all of the time.

To be honest, much of how I figure out modern technology is trial and error and just playing around with buttons.

At church on Sunday I was talking to my friend Kristi whose son is at Bodenseehof, the same Torchbearer Bible School which my daughter attended last year. Kristi said she bought a webcam for about $ 40 and is able to see her son and he can see her via SKYPE. And if my friend Kristi can figure this webcam technology out, I can too. So, my husband just this week went out to buy one for our family as well.

This weekend, I look forward to getting the thing set up so that finally we can do a proper SKYPE conversation, where my daughter can see me as I will hopefully be able to see her. If I can figure out all of the buttons.

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