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In praise of soccer (etc.) moms

We had a soccer tournament last weekend.

See, I did it again. I said, “We had a soccer tournament last weekend ” when I meant “My twins had a soccer tournament last weekend.”

Okay, yes, that is a sign that I am a soccer mom. And I am also a cross country mom, DSC_1188_10452 a  Boy Scout mom, an Awana mom, a youth group mom, a piano mom, a Sunday School mom, a public school mom, a band mom, etc.

And I love it. And I am here  to cheer for the soccer mom.

I think the criticism of so-called soccer moms which really encompasses all moms who sit at their kids’ games or matches or meets or concerts is that they are so into their kids that their lives revolve around their kids and they drive everywhere to get their kids there (a whole other column could be written on that), but the idea that a mom and dad are so into their children. What is wrong with that?

I sat at my twins’ soccer matches last weekend at Athey Creek Middle School and talked with parents on the sidelines and we cheered our children on and we encouraged our sons and we talked about how much our children have improved and we dished on life and families and values and sports and we soaked up the fall air and the sun shone on us and it was wonderful and I thank God for that opportunity to connect.

Then, a week ago, we were at Molalla State Park in Canby   DSC_1193_10457watching my twins’ cross country race. They are 6th graders and it was their first race and they were so cute, so excited, so fresh. They wore their bright yellow cross country shirts which announced, “Rosemont Ridge Cross Country,” and I was a cross country mom along with cross country dads (my husband) and other cross country moms and dads. DSC_1194_10458

I love supporting my children in their endeavors and in their challenges and in their activities. When people say to moms and dads of this generation, “Well, my mom never watched my games or matches or meets,” and that is what makes this generation of dedicated soccer moms bad, I say, “That is too bad.” And it is true. My parents did not come to very many things of mine. It may have been a different generation. But, I think we have a good generation of parents who are supporting their kids.

Some criticize this generation of soccer moms saying, “They should get a life” and I say, they do have a life. They run marathons (Okay, so that would be me) and they do work and have friends and go out and have ministry responsibilities and they also have kids, and part of having kids is being there for them. DSC_1196_10460

Some criticize the soccer mom generation for not allowing their kids to do anything by themselves, a nod to above when I noted that the kids in the suburbs are driven everywhere, and there is truth to that and that is again for another column. DSC_1189_10453

But, for now, let’s acknowledge the dedication of soccer moms and cross country moms sitting and standing and running on the sidelines of game after game, meet after meet, match after match, cheering their kids on, bringing snacks, getting their kids to where they need to be.  DSC_1217_10481

As for this mom, I’ll be cheering my DSC_1203_10467 twins on for their second cross country race DSC_1192_10456again today. In the sunshine, with all the other moms and dads.

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  1. Fantastic Forrest says

    Hear, hear! I’m with you 100%. I’m a theatre mom (but not the pushy kind), and I agree with you about the importance of being there to cheer on one’s offspring. My most vivid memory of junior high is that I was in the choir, and I was cast in a small role in the school play. My father and mother went out of town that weekend for an anniversary trip. Horrible timing. My big moment – my ONLY big moment – and they weren’t there. :(

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