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Writers Connection January 17 features Ana Brors, a social media strategy specialist

Writers Connection starts up again this year after taking December off -Thursday Jan. 17 features featuring Ana Brors,  ANA- BRORS-302327_2466422187477_956973851_na social media specialist. who co-founded Social Media Handlers. Her business website is:

Social Media Handlers

Writers Connection is a writers networking ministry to inspire, connect, network and encourage writers of faith in their pursuit of making a difference with the WORDS God has given them. The meeting is being held at Rolling Hills Community Church, located at 3550 Borland Road  in Tualatin, Oregon. Rolling Hills WRITERS CONNECTION

I felt led to start Writers Connection began in 2007 as a grass roots effort to reach out to writers of faith in various genres and it has grown to monthly meetings which include guest speakers.

We also have begun a large scale Faith & Culture Writes Conference, our second one is April 6, 2013 at Multnomah University. Here is our FACEBOOK page-Faith & Culture Writers Connection FB page-

At our first one in 2011 we had about 200 attendees.

For questions, email me at



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  1. julia steuart says

    Accomplishing together extraordinary feats of writing material to be heard and discovered… Thank you for the vision and insight you received from the Lord Cornelia to creaye the Writer’s Connection and following God’s plans not only gor you but for countless others to be known as well!!! God is with you abd what He has begun it will be finished!! julia steuart

  2. julia steuart says

    I love the Writer’s Connection at Rolling Hills Christian Church group of Authors, Speakers and writers from different backgrounds from Mom’s who work hard managing and juggling their husbands schedules, children’s endless homework tasks and projects, after school sports activities and music endeavors to the Arts and Theatre and the other comnitments of acadamia and comnunity involvement! The mom’s still make time to comnitt themselves to developing their God given talents to share with us and the world is awaiting to hear their stories!! And their are those who have been single and pursuing their dreams in the world of writing as well. Seniors involved in sharing their life long secret to write and to let themselves step out of the shawdows of mediocrity and isolation to boldly go where they have never tried to go before!!!! The educated and as well as the precious people who have life experiences that no form of college education could have given them the wisdom and insights learned in pursuing life long dreams and passions
    Born from childhood dreams and visions. Entrepeneurs born and bredfrom the stock of well meaning and hard working people with ingenuity and perseverance to be successful in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness!!! That’s our heritage of our forefather’s and our God given inheritance!!! So come and be a part of this caring and kind group of warm creative minded people and let yourself be known so the world can have a chance to hear your story!!! They are waiting snd so are We!! With a heart full of love, Sincerely, julia steuart

    been taught by life’s lessons and high roads and low valleys. It is an inspiring group of loving
    and amazingly fun and intuitive ,artistic and courageous human beings so come and be refreshed and find friendship with a sense of belonging and comfort to be free to share who you are amongst the ordinary accomplishing together ex

  3. Bethany Jackson says

    Yes, this will be a very informative meeting. I am excited for our group to meet her and learn more about this exciting area of social media!
    Bethany Jackson

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