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Writer Mom Tales – A book for REAL moms that stitches together glimpses of the beauty in the chaos of Real-Life Motherhood

I am excited to finally announce on my blog the publication of my SECOND BOOK, WriterMom Tales: Corralling the Commotion while Savoring the Chaos, Spilled Cheerios and Prayers of Real-Life Motherhood, which is the culmination of a long time dream come true- (Ask my kids!)

WriterMom Tales: Corralling the Commotion while Savoring the Chaos, Spilled Cheerios and Prayers of Real-Life Motherhood  is a collection of essays from my Real-Life Mom column written for The Oregonian and WriterMom /  On the Home Front columns written for the West Linn Tidings. Several of the essays were also found in some form on my blog, WriterMomMusings.

About five years ago, my daughter gave me a blank book, stapled pieces of paper together with a hand created cover that read, “Mom’s First Book.” I kept that. I had told her I wanted to collect my Mom columns into a book, but had not done so.


Instead, I wrote, Images of America: WEST LINN in 2009, because I had a publisher! And, that became my first book, a labor of love- (if you are an author, you will know what I am speaking about)!

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking, I have to write that other book. If nothing else, for my kids. For me. For other moms.

As a journalist, I do best with deadlines and for my collection of mom columns book I had no deadline as I had no publisher.

So, a year and a half ago, when I was asked to be a “coach” at the Oregon Christian Writers 2010 Summer Conference, and my bio was due months beforehand, I wrote, among other things, “Cornelia is the author of Images of  America: WEST LINN AND WriterMom Tales…” Mind you, I had NOT written WriterMom Tales yet! How’s that for motivation!

I got the book completed, after pulling several all-nighters and with the help of writer friends, especially Sam Greengard, Midge Pierce, Kathy Conrad, Jeanie Higinbotham, Jennifer Priest Mitchell, and Dennis Marcellino, whom I hired to assist with self publishing. A very rough version of the book, a pre-release I called it, a result of last summer’s marathon sessions! And I was able to share it at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference.

I worked on it quite a bit more, had others read it, and officially soft-released it at the end of 2010. With my daughter there!  And all of my boys! And, now, I thought it would be a good to write a blog about it. The perfectionist self in me holds me back. I self published it and I am very happy to share my book with other moms who are navigating this adventure and gift from God called motherhood.

And, I am especially glad to share it with my children, so they will always know how I feel about being their mom.

The book is available through amazon:



As a real mom of five children, far away from Hollywood, I find it hard to relate to the parenting messages of highly publicized movie star moms. They have nannies, housekeepers, and professional chefs at their beck and call. And, the Desperate Housewives on television scheme against their friends’ husbands and children, while eyeing the neighbor’s plumber. And, we’ve all tired of parenting publications where expert psychologists offer easy solutions to keeping children squabble-free, and kitschy mom books telling us how to be happy.

While Hollywood life may prove entertaining, the inescapable reality for most moms is a far cry from the bright lights of Los Angeles. And I’ve found that moms these days want more depth to parenting issues than the so-called experts’ regurgitated 5-step plans to perfect families. Let’s face it — motherhood is hard, and moms need to know it is okay to admit that they crave quiet now and then. You love your kids but parenting can be difficult.

That’s where WriterMom Tales comes in to offer a fresh take on being a mom. Reading this book is like talking to a trusted friend, who overlooks spilled Cheerios and invites you in for coffee and shared stories, somehow seeing the beauty in the chaos. What I’ve discovered is we learn best through story: networking with mom friends, talking with seasoned parents and grandparents, and gleaning life lessons from everyday life. And lots of praying and Scripture. . .

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  1. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Maru, you are very kind!! Thanks for your endorsement!! – cornelia

  2. pongboy says

    In the few short years I’ve known her as a writer friend, I have read many articles by Cornelia and have heard her speak about faith, family, and motherhood on numerous occassions.

    So I shall make this short & sweet: Buy this book! Any parent will relate to her transparent stories she shares for the first time in book form! Makes a great gift book too! :)

  3. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Hi Pichaya- You are very sweet- Thank you for your comment – I am so glad we have connected in West Linn as moms!

  4. Pichaya says

    Hi Cornelia!

    You are a wonderful mother! You are an amazing writer! You are a beautiful being! Congratulations! To your success!

    With Love,

  5. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Hi Bethany, thanks for your comment and I do hope that other mothers will be affirmed in the book, that they will realize that the feelings I share are the universal feeling of mothers, and that they are not alone!

  6. Bethany says

    Cornelia, thanks for posting a blog and updating everyone about your new book and how to purchase it. I have no doubt it will be well received and will be a great ministry to mothers and others alike. Often the things that we are most passionate about are the hardest to share; but when we do we receive the greatest reward both for ourselves and through others. Hopefully you’ll post a few other excerpts so your blog readers can get a good ‘taste’ of what is in the book. I’m looking forward to it.

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