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What’s worse? That the flight attendant quit his job while spouting profanity or that he is being called a hero?

As a parent, I try to teach my children work ethics. The values of hard work, sticking with the job, learning as you go, being respectful, finishing the job, being kind.

But those values fly in the face of the recent news story about a JetBlue flight attendant who quit on the job, literally, by sliding down the chute of the airplane after spouting profanity at a passenger he was fed up with.

Now, pop culture America is calling him a hero? For representing the working class? That is not a hero in my books.

It goes back to our general trend in society where people have to always be right and their pride gets in the way. This flight attendant has to realize that he is in a customer service field, and dealing with passengers who are grumpy is part of the job. Sure, it cannot be easy, but neither are hundreds of other jobs out there.

 Other people are not sliding down an escape chute to get away from their work situations. Instead, they work day in and day out to support their families. They are the real heros.  

In ouI am not sure what is worse. His actions, or that he is being called a hero for what he did.

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5 Responses

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  1. KC Anderson says


    I would agree he is certainly not a hero (we tend to use that word way to freely now days) but please don’t excuse the passenger for the cursing and abuse that she brought upon the flight attendant.
    He will justfiably lose his job and may spend a little time in jail, or their part the passenger should be bared from flying that airline for some amount of time.



  2. maru says

    Well, there’s good and bad news to be had here: the good news is he’s now unemployable and will NEVER work in customer service ever again (so we hope); the bad news is he’ll probably get a movie and book deal out of this! And can you say… REALITY SHOW ?!?! AAARGH… what’s this world coming too?! it IS the end times! :O

  3. Laurie says

    It might be a school or an airline. Getting out of control is just that, out of control. I am in the customer service industry—we report good/bad customer service. As much as I would like to say this is isolated, it’s not. Being kind and having a level of patience we would like to pass onto our children is not always displayed. He is not a hero, mentor or example for anyone. Unfortunately, he became his own worst customer.

  4. Cornelia Seigneur says

    So true. Our me-centered world says it is okay to do what I want, when I want it. They need to remember that they are serving others in their customer service job.

  5. Suzy anderson says

    Even though I think pop culture america mostly applaudes his exit b/c they too have probably had fantasies of doing the same, it is ashame he gets awarded for being hotheaded:(

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