West Linn viola player Michelle Mathewson is organizing a Kairos Ensemble Benefit Concert for  PHAME Academy of Art at The Old Church tonight, Friday, May 27.  

Starting at 7:30 p.m., Mathewson’s ensemble will highlight a variety of local professional musicians, including violin players, viola players, piano players, a cello player, and a tenor. Music featured is by composers Brahms, Mozart, Vaughn-Williams, and Faure.

Mathewson’s son Ian Harris, a ninth grader at West Linn High School, who composes music, will also play his original piano pieces.

The concert is free and donations are being accepted at the door for the PHAME  Academy of Art, a Portland area fine and performing arts organization which serves adults with developmental disabilities.

PHAME stands for Pacific Honored Artists, Musicians and Entertainers.

Mathewson, a mother of three and a freelance musician who plays for the Oregon Ballet Theatre Orchestra and the Portland Opera, explained the title of her ensemble: “’Kairos’ means living in the present with joy, passion and love, the dance of the real self in the moment.”

The mom of three is honored to collect a freewill offering at her concert with 100 percent of the funds going toward PHAME.

“One of the violinists performing introduced me to the executive director of PHAME,  Stephen Marc Beaudoin <cq>, and I loved the idea of doing a benefit concert for this organization that offers fine and performing arts to adults with developmental disabilities,” she said, adding, “Because my daughter, Emma, has Down Syndrome, I was immediately drawn into the idea.”

Two students from PHAME will perform as well as Beaudoin. Emma will also perform Ode To Joy.

For more information, contact Mathewson at: shellvla@comcast.net

Originally published: http://www.oregonlive.com/west-linn/index.ssf/2011/05/west_linn_violist_organizes_benefit_for_portland_arts_nonprofit.html


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