So my twins now have I-Pods. IPOD2imagesOkay, they bought them with their own money and I could have said no, but they were so excited so I gave in. they are just getting into this tech world so early in life. They are 12.

Man, it seems the thing is glued to them. I keep telling myself this will change. Sometimes they will hide in my room or their own rooms and when I walk in they quickly put it away as if I am ignorant of the fact that they are using their iPods.

When I first protested that they were getting them, they said, but mom it has a bible application. What about the old fashioned way for reading the bible. And you can check e-mail as well. And each day they tell me of all the new things they can do with their iPods.

I do not like I-Pods in ears as it hurts the ears and it tunes out the rest of the world. Like everything else, I need to teach my boys I-Pod etiquette. We would not sit there and ignore someone we are with but we feel like we can sit there and play I-Pod and that is fine? Or, for that matter, text people on their cell phones. People do it all the time.

We have a rule in our house that Sundays are a non-electronic day. We have done this for about a year or more now. After church, it is reading time and nap time and game time, anything that is non-electronic, which includes computers. I literally look forward to Sundays for this reason. I sit in my living room by the Bow window overlooking my creek with the sun shining in and curl up with a good book and turn off the phone and fall asleep often. And we have our kids do the same. No internet, no X-box, no Nintendo, no computer, no I-Pod, no Facebook (for me), no blogging (for me).

I just think it is good to detune, de-tox from being so plugged into gadgets that we forget how to interact with real people. To sit quietly with a book rather than race through an iPod game or app.

I came upon an article in December 25, 2006 print edition of U.S. News & World Report. A group of college students from Western Kentucky University were using the slogan, “Take out the earplugs and plug into the world!” And, that was three years ago. Just think how much farther technology has come in just three years. We have become so fast paced and plugged in that I just need personally to de-tune. And as a parent help my kids to de-tune as well. Until, on their own, they will want to put the electronics away for a day.

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