My twins along with other 412 junior high student leaders left today  from  Rolling Hills Community Church for a week retreat in Sunriver. I am so thankful for the men (and women) who are coming alongside us to disciple our kids! Jesus was our role model for having disciples. It is so important to have others involved in our kids’ lives, mentoring and discipling. Others who are kind and warm and love the Lord in a genuine way, who will speak into our children’s lives. Others who care about our kids.

I so loved the prayer time with parents this morning before they left, where parents and leaders were able to pray over their kids.

On this first day of the retreat, Senior Pastor Bill Towne was one of the guest speakers for the kids. My twins, 13, do not have cell phones (and they are not allowed to use them at the retreat anyway) but I heard it is going well via Tyler Eaton’s Facebook message and photo tag of me -my twins are not on Facebook!). Lots of prayers for those sweet junior high kids. I love this age.

The 412 Initiative is a small group discipleship program through Rolling Hills which encourages junior high students to take their faith seriously. Leaders are coming alongside our children to encourage them in their walk with Christ. To challenge them to read their Bible every day, to share their faith, to reach out to others. It is neat for me to see the twins on their own reading the Bible. Sometimes, I walk into their room to say good night and it is midnight and they are reading the Bible! That is pure joy!

The title of the group, 412, gets its name from I Timothy 4:12 which says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”  

During the rest of the week retreat, they will hear from a variety of other pastors at our church and they will also explore the outdoors, going hiking and visiting the caves, which is so important. There is something about doing activities outdoors together that builds team bonding.

. . .I will check on Facebook to see how they are doing. And pray.

For now, these photos.


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