Originally published in print edition of The Oregonian, Feb. 2, 2013


AX188_626F_9.JPG  Andrew Rice

Name: Andrew Rice Age: 17

Hometown: Sherwood

Junior, Sherwood High School


William Taylor and Ryan Thomas

Highlight of the season:
“The highlight on my season was at the Oregon Wrestling Classic, where we finished up our last dual against Crescent Valley with a great team victory. I finished 5-0 in our duels, and the score of my last match was 16-4, and the team score was 52-23.”

How did you get into the sport? “I got started in wrestling in kindergarten by going to some practices and noticing that I fit right in with everyone else.”

Family of athletes?
“My entire family is full of athletes.”

Coaches wisdom:
“My coach’s advice is to give 100 percent effort in whatever we do and to never give up.”

Favorite part of sport: “My favorite part of wrestling is the time spent with my teammates and the thrill and rush of getting a victory.”

Off-season? “In the off-season I play football for the Bowmen.”

My rules to live by: “Always give your best and to never give up when the going gets tough.”

Giving back: “On Monday nights I go up to the youth practices and help mentor the young wrestlers and work with them on their moves. I love to do this because I remember when the high-schoolers would do the same with me, and it would make me so happy.”

On your iPod:
“My i-Pod is full of current and mid- to late ’90’s rap and hip-hop.”

Book on nightstand: “The one book that sticks out on my nightstand is “The Blind Side” (Michael Lewis)

Something that someone may not know about you: “I love science and like to watch the History and Discovery channels.”

What’s next
? “The next step is to finish this season on a high note and to start my senior year in football.”

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