UPDATE- 12-18-09 -Hi, two of Mr. Snook’s 6th grade Rosemont Ridge Middle School language Arts classes. Due to modern technology difficulties with the blogspot/google account where the www.imagesofamericawestlinn.com website is, we are extending the deadline to Jan. 4, 2010.

As I noted, I so enjoyed visiting your classes today. At the end of this post is the easier spot to leave a bit of your writing.  The other location  www.imagesofamericawestlinn.com blog was difficult for students to work (though, thanks to those who were able to).  Here again is the writing prompt-

Tell me about the importance of writing and story  in 100 words or less. WritersWALLk0548815

Here are some things to think about, ideas of what to write about:

Tell me what writing does for society. Tell me why people write. Tell me why stories are important. Tell me what writing does for history. Tell me what would happen if we didn’t write.  Tell me how writing changes people, affects people. When you read a good piece of writing, what does it do for you. When you leave a movie theater or watch a good movie at home, how does it make you feel? What does it do for you.

NEW DEADLINE: Please leave your Writing Response by Jan. 4, 2010. 

The comment section is at the end of this blog post and be sure to leave your name (just first name and last initial).  I will read all of your comments and pick a winner, which  will be announced the first week back from winter break. The winner will receive a copy of my West Linn book,BOOK-COVER0738558508 Images of America: WEST LINN. 

Email me at corneliaseigneur@comcast.net  if you have any questions, or if you would like to e-mail your response to me that way. Consider this a lesson in modern techology.

Happy writing.

Writing from students  who have figured out how to leave comments on blogspot on my book blog can be found at http://www.imagesofamericawestlinn.com/2009/12/rosemont-ridge-middle-school-visit.html 

(There is  a reason that I switched to this wordpress format, from blogspot. It is much more user friendly.)

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