My overarching umbrella of How I Mom is hands down. PRAYER.

Pray like your family, your kids, your world depends upon it.

Because it does. I am so desperate for God in my life and I want my kids to know it.

Pray like breathing.

When my children were still in their cribs, I began praying many different things for them. That they would know and love the Lord in a personal way, that they would know they are loved, that they would be kind, that they would make good friends and be a good friend, that they would find their place in this world, their calling and vocation, that they would have hope and love and find their skills and gifting and reach out to others.

And, one of the biggest prayers I have had for my kids is that they would meet an amazing spouse to share their lives with, someone who loves the Lord and loves our wild family and someone who is kind and humble and generous and thoughtful and forgiving and sweet.

This prayer I have been – and continue to be for three of my five kids — on my knees about. Who my kids will marry.

It is such a huge deal. My prayer is and has been that my kids would find someone who loves the Lord with all their heart and soul, and someone who is kind and humble and shares the same values. And, just as importantly, my prayer has been that my kids marry someone who loves our wild family and loves adventure and loves the outdoors and someone who works hard and who also likes to have fun.

I have two older children who are married, and I seriously could not have dreamed up a better spouse for either of them. My daughter married the young man she met at Bible School in Germany after her senior year of high school, and my oldest son married the young lady  he met his freshman year of college. My son-in-law and daughter-in-law are exceptional human beings who love the Lord and love our family and love adventure; they are hard workers and they are humble and grace filled and down-to-earth.

I am Grateful beyond measure.

Prayer. It is never any guarantee. It is not an if-then. It is just something I need. It makes me feel close to God, makes me feel like I am connected to Him. Through prayer, I acknowledge my need for Him, that I am desperate for Him. Because I am.

Prayer. It’s like breathing.

How do you Mom when it comes to prayer? I’d love to learn prayer practices you have for you and your family. #howimom30 #howyoumom30 #momlife


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