After five locations in the Willamette area of West Linn, Diane and Mike Bays are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Healthy Spaces Wellness Spa & Water Bar at their current address within the Sachi Wellness Center, 2008 Willamette Falls Drive, Suite 200.

Healthy Spaces offers the opportunity to use therapeutic equipment, including a sauna. Private sessions can be booked or one can visit with a guest. In addition, Healthy Spaces has a self-service filtered-water bar.

Healthy Spaces also offers pulsed electromagnetic field sessions, which Diane Bays said help reduce pain and increase energy. “We are the first non-medical facility in the Portland area to offer this technology in an affordable way to the public,” she said. “What a way to celebrate our 10th year in business.”

“It has not been easy — many times we have thought of folding up the tent,” she added. “Perseverance, passion and prayer are the formula that has turned my business around.”

She said that because of her history with chronic pain, she identifies with others who have health issues. “I love doing product research and helping people become empowered to improve their health,” she said.

Bays was instrumental in helping form the Willamette Wellness Community in 2002. “It’s a loosely knit group of people dedicated to holistic health,” she explained, noting the community includes a Pilates studio, acupuncture and chiropractors.

For information, call 503-655-3565 or visit HEALTHY SPACES SPA WEBSITE

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