Find Reasons to Celebrate

My son Augustin who is 12 had his last cross country race yesterday and I wanted to have my older two kids, the twins who are 18, there to cheer him on. So I mentioned to them and they at first seemed lukewarm about the idea. Until my husband announced we’d be going... read more

Raising Culturally Engaged Kids

I grew up watching Good Morning America and reading The Oregonian and the Wall Street Journal newspapers in the mornings while eating my oatmeal in our southeast Portland home. And in the evenings, we watched the Nightly News with Walter Cronkite. Then, on Sunday... read more

Help our Kids Believe that God Loves them

When a friend of singer-songwriter Rich Mullins asks if he will listen to a tape of a certain preacher while they are riding in Rich’s jeep, Rich is hesitant. His experience with traditional preachers has been less than favorable. His friend insists, saying to give it... read more

Be Careful of your Words to your Kids

Last night we watched the movie Ragamuffin, the story of the late singer-songwriter Rich Mullins. The film takes us on his journey growing up as the oldest of five children living on a farm with an overbearing father through his years as a rising Contemporary... read more

Sometimes you just make them do it

Last night my friend Jeanie came over and we watched the movie “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.” My twins, who are almost 18 years old, and my son Gus, 12, joined us even though it was a school night. Jeanie, my daughter and I were originally going to go out to the... read more

It takes a Village

Gracie came over last night to see my daughter who is home from Germany. Gracie is the neighborhood Baker’s daughter who grew up with my kids and was like a second daughter to me. She came to our Easter egg hunts over the years as well as my kids’ birthday parties and... read more

Our family helps others – Day 1

The other day, my 17-year-old son Mickael Josef told me that he is picking up his friend Will for soccer practice. His friend lives two and a half miles away. Soccer practice was a half a mile away. It did not make sense to me that he would drive that far to pick up a... read more

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