Moms: We need to forgive ourselves

It was my husband’s birthday this week, and I wanted everything to be perfect. Not sure why I put those expectations on myself. I had just had minor surgery two days before and I am still recovering from the accident and will continue to recover from the accident and...

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Sometimes it’s about the Mountain Dew

My 18-year-old son Wesley brings home a case of Mountain Dew and places it in front of his 12-year-old younger brother Augustin’s bedroom door. Wesley knew that his brother would walk out of his room in the morning and see his favorite soda before him. Wesley wanted his brother to know he remembered what his special drink was. It’s so important to recognize the individual tastes and favorite things of our children.

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Teaching our Kids the Art of the Thank You

When I turned 8-years-old, I got 25 cents and a card for my birthday from my friend Jeanie’s Grandma Higgins, and my mom had me write a thank you note. Three times. To get my handwriting just right. When I gave Grandma Higgins the thank you card, the entire family...

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Tell your kids you love them, no matter what.

Last Friday, I shared with the Mom To Mom group at Salem First Baptist Church lessons learned from my accident in January. One of those lessons is something I’ve struggled with for much of my life, but it hit home even more after my near-death experience and the...

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Helping our Kids Make Siblings a Priority

On my daughter Rachel’s last day here before she headed back to Germany, we went on a short hike and then stopped for Happy Hour at one of our favorite eateries -- Gustavs -- for cheese fondue and potato pancakes.  Some friends of my twins had texted them about...

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Be Careful of your Words to your Kids

Last night we watched the movie Ragamuffin, the story of the late singer-songwriter Rich Mullins. The film takes us on his journey growing up as the oldest of five children living on a farm with an overbearing father through his years as a rising Contemporary...

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Day 11: Talk about God

We were glued to the TV during the NBA finals these last weeks. I am a basketball fan and loved the adrenaline rush of this NBA finals series where Golden State and Cleveland duked it out.   Then, after the heart racing series, it was of course the Golden State...

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