Find Reasons to Celebrate

My son Augustin who is in middle school had his last cross country race yesterday and I wanted to have my older two kids, the twins, there to cheer him on. So I mentioned to them and they at first seemed lukewarm about the idea. Until my husband announced we’d be...

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Mom, can we just go alone?

The other day, my twins, still 16, were heading out for their co-ed soccer game “Under the Lights,’ which  means they were going to get to play where the regular competitive school soccer teams play, the ones who compete against the other high school varsity and...

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Kids and Electronics: Bring back boredom

I was at a recent soccer game for my 11-year-old son on a bright sunny early fall day. All of the parents are lined up in a row, watching the game. One mom stood out as had two of her younger children with her watching the game. Only, the two younger siblings, maybe...

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How rescuing wild birds inspired Melissa Hart’s maternal instinct- Oregonian Books story

The prologue to Melissa Hart's new memoir "Wild Within: How Rescuing Owls Inspired a Family" is written by Brian Doyle, who describes his lifelong obsession with birds of prey and is shocked to "discover that there are people who couldn't care less about the clan of...

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Parents Addicted to Technology: Guilty as charged

The other night after dinner when all the kids scattered in their various directions, I grabbed my cell phone to do a quick check of email. One email sends me to a website and that website sends me to twitter which sends me to another website and then of course, I...

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Writers Connection resumes Thursday Sept. 18 with publishing expert Rochelle Carter

Writers Connection resumes Thursday Sept. 18 at 7 pm at Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualatin. We look forward to fellowship, connection, literary word of the day, quote of the day, what's new with you and our guest speaker. Rochelle Carter.  Rochelle Carter is...

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