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  1. Steven says

    This reminds me of the upoarr that the federal tax refund caused in certain circles a few years ago. There were actually people who were arguing with a straight face that it was not fair that rich people were getting $200 checks while people who paid zero net federal income tax (and in many cases were already getting more back from the feds than they initially paid in withholding) were getting no refund. Some people will simply never be satisfied as long as anyone, anywhere has more money than someone else.

  2. Robert Caffrey says

    A police officer has a right just like everyone else,too a cup of coffee anywhere they want.Anyone who refuses service to them or anyone is not thinking about their business or why they are there.Now that I know police are not welcome in the Red & Black Cafe on Southeast on 12th Avenue near Oak Street,I will never enter this cafe.And I would hope everyone who has their safety in mind,would re-think what establishments they are going to support and which ones they are not going to support.Ms.Seigneur points out in Fridays Oregonian that the police have been in some unfortunate situations in the past .It is impossible too train anyone for every situation.That is why the police,like anyone makes up their reaction according to every situation.After they have too deal with us,the public.

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