Finally, we made it happen — to hike up to the top of Saddle Mountain. My 18-year-0ld son Ryan and his friend Jon and his mom and I have talked about going on a mom-son hike for a quite some time. Jon and Ryan have been friends since they were in my 3-year-old Sunday School class together at Rolling Hills, and they were in the same Boy Scout troop (West  Linn Troop 149) and they are  both are Eagle Scouts!

I so want to continue connecting with my boys, and as they get older you have to be more deliberate about finding things to do. The outdoors is my favorite activity to share with my children.

We met Jon and Joanne at the Oregon City Shopping Center and carpooled together in our jeep. Great conversation and fellowship and camaraderie. When we arrived at the entry to Saddle Mountain, it was drizzling a bit. Joanne had told me this was a possibility, though I did not bring a wind breaker. It is a 7 mile drive in to the trail head along a bumpy road. There were so many different groups getting ready to hike to the top of Saddle Mountain, which, on a nice day, I am told, has breathtaking views. It was nice that none of us had been there before, which makes for more of an adventure.

We snapped a photo at the sign before beginning the trek up 2 1/2 miles. It was a bit more drizzly and very foggy as we made our way up the rocky hill. We saw wildflowers and neat plants and dense fog and large bolders lots of groups of people hiking to the top of this landmark along the Oregon Coast. It is a difficult hike and will get any one’s heart rate up. The boys went ahead of us moms for much of it but would wait at various points for their moms! 

At the top, we ate lunch and the fog parted for us a couple of times to give us a view. It began raining a bit more but that was okay. I kept telling the boys how much I am loving this adventure with them. These college boys of ours. Joanne and I are already talking about our next hike.



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