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Mask of Zorro screenwriter Randall Jahnson to speak at Thursday January 19 Writers Connection

This month’s Faith & Culture Writers Connection features guest speaker, screenwriter Randall Jahnson, who penned Mask of Zorro which starred Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins,  and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Randall has been penning scripts for 25 years for large and small screens. Besides Mask of Zorro (1998), Randall’s credits include Sunset Strip (2000) and The Doors (1991) which starred Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan. He has worked with top Hollywood talent like Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, and Brad Pitt.

All are welcome to join us.

Writers Connection meets the third Thursday of the month during the school year at 7 pm at Rolling Hills Community Church, located at 3550 SW Borland Road in Tualatin.

The vision behind Writers Connection is to be a place where those interested in writing and the literary arts can gather to connect and fellowship with other writers. We aim to encourage, inspire, and network published and aspiring writers of all genres in their endeavor to use their writing to make a difference to the culture.

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My Oregonian story on Randall-

Rolling Hills Writers Connection

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12 Responses

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  1. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Maru- WOW! you are clever! Love the Letterman-like-list :)

  2. pongboy says

    Based on audience reaction, the reviews are in! On a scale of one to ten–ten being best, he gets a 10+ Two thumbs up… WAY UP !!!! The weekend turnout was good! Randall was a hit! Entertaining + wisdom! A great night at the movies!

    TOP TEN Reasons Why Randall Jahnson is AWESOME!

    10. He’s a big cinephile!
    9. He’s a super nice guy!
    8. He’s a very good writer.
    7. He’s met Dustin Hoffman (as Hook)!
    6. He’s been hired (and fired) by Steven Spielberg!
    5. He DID NOT write “Zorro, the Gay Blade.”
    4. Chose to live in West Linn, Oregon over Hollywood.
    3. The ability to teach screenwriting while drinking a tall glass of Guinness.
    2. Anna Friel!
    1. He’s one of the few people who still looks good in a beret!

  3. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Bethany- I too took a lot of notes and loved how Randal shared from his heart so sincerely. It is always great to have you there- you are such an integral part of Writers Connection.

  4. Bethany Jackson says

    I came to the meeting, not certain what to expect. What I found was a very personable, talented man, willing to roll up his sleeves over a cup of coffee and share his story. The kind of man who, by the end of the meeting, you knew had shared from his heart the rich and lifechanging experiences that moulded his career. I could not take notes fast enough, then found myself mesmerized by what he was saying, then forgetting to write!! Now that is the kind of evening that changes a writers perspective on how to approach our writing! Thank you Randall for coming out and spending an evening with us. I hope you can join us again sometime, and….Welcome to Portland!! Bethany Jackson

  5. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Andrew – agreed- I love that story about Spielberg…! And that he has met Brad Pitt-okay, okay, I am still awestruck by Hollywood !

  6. Andrew Tuttle says

    Thes best two hours I’ve spent in a long time. Great advice and Randall was very open and honest. The Spielberg story was worth the price of admission (even though it was free). :)

  7. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Dennis- yes, Randall is an incredibly nice guy with a lot of insight, based upon personal experience. We were honored to have him join us.

  8. Cornelia Seigneur says

    HI Mat- glad you could join us! I am so happy you enjoyed Randall Jahnson. He does have a lot of wisdom to share in her personal story. Yes-get those words and films on the web!

  9. Mathew says


    Thank youfor the invitation. It was great to be encouraged by someone that has been on the roller coaster in the heart of Hollywood, survived and escaped to Oregon. I agree this is a transitional time in which we need to find the best medium to move forward as technology develops. It’s great to be empowered to go out and get our stuff out ther on the web.


  10. Dennis Marcellino says

    By his story telling, Randall Jahnson showed tonight why he is such an entertaining writer. This not only included stories about his writing, but also about the business. Plus he’s a friendly guy. We enjoyed him :-)

  11. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Hi Cheryl

    I am so glad you can join us this month! We meet in the East Atrium which is on the left open air part of the church where the comfy chairs are- – if you go in the main, new part of the church where the turn around is, and go to your left (as you face the church) you will be fine.

    See you next week and be sure to introduce yourself-

    Best regards, Cornelia- Writers Connection leader

  12. Cheryl DeVore says

    This will be my first attendance at the writers connection so I am wondering where in the church is the meeting held? I am not familiar with the church layout but I know it is a big church and I am good at getting lost. Also, should I use one door or will all the doors be unlocked that evening?

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