Great grandma and pa Seigneur meet their third grandchild, baby Emmanuel here with my Rachel

2/30 How I Mom: While your kids are growing up, make grandparents and great grandparents and extended family part of your lives. 

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When my husband and I were first married, his folks had Sunday night dinners for whoever could make it. It was always a standing open invitation and it was a way for my in-laws to stay connected with us, their grown kids, as we moved on to our  working and family lives beyond the nest. I really enjoyed this standing invitation, and when my husband and I started having children, the dinner tradition with his folks continued. I love how my in-laws reached out to make us a priority, hosting a time when they got to see their adult children and grandkids on a regular basis.

We tried to do the same with my folks, to find regular times to get together for meals and hikes and beach trips, or any number of ways to have our kids hang out with their grandparents.  As a mom, I want my children to experience the rich cultural connection and roots that being part of an extended family offers.

Uroma and Uropa meet their fourth grandchild Emmanuel at Jake’s during a family dinner with German family visiting.

When we make our parents a priority, and make the effort to have our kids grow up knowing them, it gives our kids roots and connection and the deeper feeling of being part of a larger family community where you are loved no matter what.

I’m grateful that both my husband and my folks are both still with us as two of our five children begin to start their own families. What a gift for kids to get to know their great grandparents!
.How do you keep extended family part of your life and your kids’ lives? I’d love to hear in the comments section or on social media. I am using the hashtags #howyoumom30 #howimom30 or just plane #howyoumom #howimom 


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