MillionMilesCover3d_TransparentBkng_200Saturday night I attended Donald Miller’s  A Million Miles Tour at Grace Chapel in Wilsonville Oregon and it was just a fun night. I sat in the front row and he was on the same level as the audience and I asked him if he was moving up higher and he said no, but that he doesn’t spit. He was at his true humorous down to earth self. The appeal of Donald Miller is that he is so real. So genuine. So honest.

His new book just out is called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and  it will challenge you to the bones. It will get you thinking about your life and the question that got me was: “If you were to die today, what would die with you?” He talked about his friend who is like 25 years old and she is helping dig  water wells in under developed countries and he is inspired by his friend. And Donald talked about how for a while he was sitting around watching Oprah and sleeping and losing track of a visionn for his life.

Until a movie producer came knocking wanting to make a movie of his life. And he realized that his life is boring and if we are honest and ask the question of our own life what is it about. And he said it is okay to have conflict in our lives.

I loved how he analyzed his life and wondered what he was doing with his life and how he was impacting culture and what he was doing about injustice. He talked about his writing and ministry and the way he said that magazines would criticize his Blue Like Jazz book as being too emergent, and he in true out of the box form said, “I don’t even know that emergent means”- indeed, you cannot put Donald Miller in a box and this book he talks about living outside the box and asking touchg questions about your life and what difference are you making for Christ in the world. 

One of Donald’s big passions is ending fatherlessness and he is on the Obama Task force dealing with this issue. Wow, what an impact he is having. I think of Daniel in the Bible gaining favor with the King. 

Donald Miller is on tour with Susan Isaacs who wrote Angry Conversations with God and I had met her last spring while she was at an Imago Dei book event.

Here is Miller’s blog: for more information

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