Holidays together as a family means the world to me, and keeping family a priority and keeping your family close and it’s not perfect and it’s sometimes messy and it takes effort and you have to work at it and you want everyone to be close and you want all to be well and you keep trying and holidays matter and it’s so worth it as you see your kids hanging with their cousins laughing and talking with their grandparents and feeling a sense of connection and belonging.

When I think of How I Mom, honoring holidays and keeping traditions in the family rank at the top of the list. And, as our kids get older and establish their own households and their own families, you have to work especially hard at keeping family close and making sure family gatherings happen.

Holidays like today’s Thanksgiving provide an opportunity to repeat recipes and catch up from the year that was and see folks in person; and it may not be every day or every week or even regularly that you see some family members, so holidays may allow you to rekindle that feeling of connection.

aCelebrating holidays together helps give kids an anchor, a place of belonging,  a place that they can count on; celebrating holidays together helps foster a feeling of unity in a family, a feeling of a safe harbor.

Traditions around the holidays take time and effort, and as our children get older they learn that they can bring something to the gathering. 

Family holidays are all about love and gathering and belonging and forgiveness, and just allowing each person to be who they are, and family is a place where you can just be yourselves and holidays are a chance to catch up and here we are on Thanksgiving and I give thanks for my family and extended family and it’s all about love.
How about you? How did you celebrate the holiday? Family, extended families, friends? How do you mom? #howyoumom30

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