Gather at the table.

With your family.

With your extended family.

With your friends.

With just you and your kids.

With just you and your spouse. .

In whatever form, fancy or ordinary, every day, in the real space of your real home in your real neighborhood, gather together to share a meal. 

Growing up in my German family, we always had meals together; my parents made it a priority to gather around our family room or dining room talbe for dinners most nights and weekend breakfasts, and that is how my husband was also raised, sharing meals with his family around their dining room table.

And now with our own family, gathering around our dining room table to share meals and conversation is a huge priority in in How I Mom.

At the dining room, we connect and shave conversations with our kids while sharing a meal; we find out what’s going on at school and in their friendships and and in their lives and in their activities; we share stories, we builid one another up, we laugh, we joke. It’s the place where you always belong, where you always fit in,x

And, now my daughter and oldest sons gather around their own dining room tables in their homes with their own little families.

What about you? Were/are family meals important to you when you were growing up? How about today with your own families?What is one of the ways you Mom?

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