At 11:30 Wednesday night, while my son and I were watching the movie Apollo 13, the telephone startled us from the couch. My mind starting racing — My twins were at a retreat with the church youth group, my son and daughter away at college. The phone call thankfully did not have anything to do with the safety of my other children; instead, it was the Lake Oswego Police alerting us  that an “armed and dangerous, hispanic, five foot seven, injured man” was on the loose in our West Linn neighborhood. My son and I made sure that our doors were locked and that the outdoor lights were on. We live in such a safe area and have never received a phone call about a police chase. I must say, I was very appreciative that the Police made this effort to let the community know of the possible danger we were in. The next day, the local police called again, this time to tell us they found the armed man who had been running from the police. Wow, two phone calls from Police. Later in the day, listening to the radio in the car, the news reported that West Linn resident Gert  
Columbia Sportswear

Boyle the face of Columbia Sportswear Company, had been the victim of this dangerous intruder. He pulled a gun on the 86-year-old,  tied her up then rummaged through her home looking for valuables. But, she proved she is “One Tough Mother” (the title of her book) as she outwitted the criminal by tripping a private alarm. The Police showed up and the would-be robber ran away. They later found him. On the evening news, we recognized some of the footage they featured, including the local McDonald’s on Highway 43 where they eventually found the armed suspect. I can see McDonald’s from our home. In some other neighborhoods, people live in constant fear of criminal activity, while in West Linn, this was a rarity. That criminal picked the wrong person to mess with. It’s a reminder to “Not Mess With your Mother.” linn/index.ssf/2010/11/gert_boyle_the_one_tough_mother_of_columbia_sportswear_outwits_armed_robber.html

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