While my daughter  is home this month planning her marriage ceremony and reception with me and her fiancé Stefan we have been very very busy. It deserves about 100 times that many verys. It is unbelievable the details and process and back and forth and decisions and thought and planning and dreaming and attention to detail that it takes to plan a wedding.

I had told myself when Rachel got home this month that I really wanted to enjoy this month of preparation, to savor the extraordinary ordinary, the everyday’s with my daughter home from Germany. And I shared with everyone in my circle of friends and family and work and areas of ministry and outreach and hobbies and life that I would have zero time this month for anything  but my daughter’s wedding this month.

So, in between the very busy planning and attention to details and last minute changes to catering servers and music planning we have also been taking time to just be. To go on walks and runs and bike rides and out to lunch and sipping coffee. This is my last month that my only daughter, who I love so deeply that words cannot express, will be home as an unmarried woman. Still so hard to believe I will have a married daughter soon. She is such a bright, sweet, warm, adventuresome, godly, intelligent, free spirited yet loyal caring young woman, and I am so blessed to be called her Mom.

And she has surrounded herself with great friends who are there for her this month, and they are dear young women, also adventurous and they love the Lord like Rachel. Two of her three bridesmaids she met at Bodenseehof Bible School.

With these friends here during parts of this month, and Rachel’s fiancé Stefan’s best man Markus is also here (who is an amazing person as well), we have been going on walks and runs and bicycle rides, which I so love to take time for. Which helps get us away for a moment from fun craziness that comes with the territory of planning a wedding.

And on these walks I bump into people that I have not seen in a while, and they ask how are you doing and I say, “I am great, and really busy, we are planning our daughter’s wedding.”

And one of our recent family bicycle rides, I saw a certain neighbor several blocks away that I had not seen in a while, and he asked how it is going and the first thing I said was, “I am planning my daughter’s wedding this month so I have been really slammed.” And Rachel pointed out to me how I make this announcement everywhere we go, that she is getting married, and she was laughing and chuckling at me because of this, and her bridesmaid Becky from Canada who was with us was also laughing and chuckling at me because I talk about my daughter getting married to complete strangers.

Okay, so I am so very proud of my only daughter,  and yes, I like to talk about her.

Where did the past 22 years go?

On that same walk where my daughter pointed out how I am telling everyone I know that she is getting married, we ended up at George Rogers Park, and while she was with her youngest brother feeding the ducksgathered to devour the cracked corn we had brought along, a  little girl about 3 ½ was there along with her dad, and this little girl was running along the shore with her dad in tow, and the little girl exclaims “Ducks” “Ducks” as if she had just discovered them and they were the most beautiful creation on earth, and I was brought back to my 22 year old standing there with me, hanging out with her brother, and I thought I still remember my 22-year-old when she was that age of 3 ½ chasing ducks, which we have in our backyard.

And, now my 22-year-old is getting married.

Did I tell you yet?

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