Have your kids prep meals with you. It may not seem like an important thing to do, but it is.

It’s the everyday ordinary extraordinary real life being home together in a family, being part of what makes your family a family, and I believe one of the most important daily practices of family life is sharing meals at the table.

And, having our children from an early age assist in the actual meal prep is a big deal.

It’s participating.

It’s learning.

It’s working alongside one another.

It’s creating.

It’s helping.

Having our kids help us prepare meals assists in launching them into the real world where they will have to cook for themselves.

So much of our family life revolves around meals and food and gathering at the table to share meals, so having our kids part of the prep for the meals is vital. 

At our recent Thanksgiving gathering, the kids helped me prep for the salad and pie I was making.

And, we had family in town two days after thanksgiving and I offered along with my daughter-in-law to make the meal and the dessert — for 18 people – what was I thinking – anyway, I had my youngest son help cut the potatoes for the Italian sausage kale potato soup and he also was the chief dough roller-outer and filler of the Apricot Hornchen, which are a German delicacy I grew up with-my mom’s recipe

It is fun for me as the mom to see my kids get into the creative side of cooking and baking. They find new ways of doing something or ask me what I think about how to do something. It’s such a great sharing time, talking while we are working. 

And, in the end, you get to eat something usually pretty tasty, which makes cooking and baking so rewarding. And, it may make your kids want to bake and cook some more 

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How about you? Do your kids help with meal prep? At what age did you begin to include your children in the cooking or baking process? How do you mom? #howyoumom30 .






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