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Category Archives: Transitions

  1. Mom, can we just go alone? October 13, 2014

    Posted in 31 Days of Parenting Philosophy, Family Life, Kids, Moms, Motherhood, Parenting, Parenting Philosophy, Real LIfe, Real-Life Mom column, Real-Life Mom column - The Oregonian, Sports, Tradition, Transitions, Twins, Writing.

  2. Sarah on her mom: “My beautiful mother, friend and role model…departed for Heaven” November 15, 2013

    Posted in Character, Children, Community, Faith, Family Life, Gratitude, Kids, Life, Live the Questions, Moms, Motherhood, Parenting, Transitions.

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  3. 16 and driving – My twins and I Navigating the Doubly Exhilarating World of Independence October 18, 2013

    Posted in Kids, Life, Moms, Motherhood, Navigating Motherhood, Parenting, Real LIfe, Real-Life Mom column, Teaching Moments, Transitions, Twins, Writing.

  4. Coping with depression during pregnancy – Guest post by Lisa Hunter September 22, 2013

    Posted in Guest post, Moms, Parenting, Pregnancy, Transitions.

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  5. “Can we just relax, Mom?” – Huffington Post Parents Blog June 29, 2013

    Posted in Children, Family Life, Home, Kids, Life, Live the Questions, Moms, Parenting, Real-Life Mom column, Tradition, Transitions, Writing.

  6. Writer Mom Tales – A book for REAL moms that stitches together glimpses of the beauty in the chaos of Real-Life Motherhood July 11, 2011

    Posted in Adventure, Adventures with Kids, Authors, Children, Christianity, Extraordinary Ordinary, Faith, Family Life, Gratitude, Justice, Kids, Life, Moms, Outreach, Parenting, Slowing Down, The Extraordinary Ordinary, Transitions, Writing.

  7. Calling Home to hear those sweet voices August 5, 2010

    Posted in Children, Family Life, Gratitude, Kids, Life, Moms, The Extraordinary Ordinary, Transitions.

  8. Some have to start earlier than others…kids learning to advocate for themselves November 12, 2009

    Posted in Children, Community Service, Family Life, Justice, Kids, Live the Questions, Outreach, Refugees, Transitions, Youth.

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  9. You’ve got to love modern technology October 29, 2009

    Posted in Children, Culture, Family Life, Kids, Life, Slowing Down, The Extraordinary Ordinary, Transitions.

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  10. The First Day of School. . . a day of firsts in many ways September 8, 2009

    Posted in School Days, Transitions.

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  11. Taking son to college. . . The next chapter in his life journey… August 29, 2009

    Posted in Moms, Real LIfe, Real-Life Mom column, Transitions.

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