On a flight to San Francisco to see my friends Jeanie and Meri over 20 years ago, the man sitting next to me on the airplane and I had quite the deep conversation, and something he said has stayed with me all these years.

While discussing life and goals and dreams and friends, he said that we as humans tend to surround ourselves with people who we think are our equals, and if we hang with people who are dreamers who make goals and who achieve those goals, we are showing that we believe that we can do things, make things happen, reach our dreams.

And, conversely, if we hang out with people who don’t believe in themselves, who don’t after their dreams, who settle for second best or who don’t try to become better people in their lives, it may be because we don’t believe we are worthy ourselves.

The basic idea behind what this man on the plane said to me is, that we can become whom we hang around.

While not everything in this man’s thoughts is gospel truth, it got me thinking and I’ve continued to think about what he said.

And, it comes down to believe.

Do you believe?

Do you believe you can do it? Walk that marathon? Climb that mountain? Make it through that course? Finish that degree? Walk the Camino? Write everyday? Go back to school? Start that mom’s group? Meet the neighbor? Read the Bible in a year? Write that book proposal?


While sorting through my mess as we get ready to move (that is for another blog post) I came across an art collage that I made several years ago at a women’s silent retreat hosted by my friend Terra Matson. In the collage art, I placed these seven letters together to create the word: believe.

So, to recently find this collage piece with the word believe on it, about the time I was pondering what my one-word for this year would be, seemed providential.

It had been three years since I had chosen one word that would represent my year. Three years ago in 2016 I chose breathe, which was perfect for my circumstances after my accident in 2015. That was my first year choosing a one-word.

This year, I had begun pondering choosing a one-word again. And seeing other friends’ posts with their one-word inspired me as well. But, I didn’t want to rush it and I wanted to be sure, much like my friend Teri spoke of.

Take the time to ponder, to pray, to muse.

No other word came to my heart.


That is my one word for 2019.

Believe is the perfect word for me this year. I need to believe I can do big things and little things and accomplish steps towards the big thing. For me, this big thing is something I have put off for three years. I need to believe I can do it.

The big thing for me? Write. Finish my book proposal.

I already have an agent who likes my book idea, so why am I afraid?

I need to believe. I need to believe I can do this. I need to believe I am capable. I need to believe I have enough material. I need to believe this is the book I need to write and that the readers will come along and that I am the one to write this and that God gave me this idea to write this book. And, maybe like the guy on the airplane suggests: surround myself with others who are doing similar things.


Believe is a huge word for us all.

We need to believe we can do it.

We need to believe God has gifted us uniquely for purpose.

We need to believe we are valued and important and able.

We need to believe we are loved.

We need to believe God loves us.

We need to believe we can find those dreams.

We need to believe we can reach those dreams.

We need to believe that God can take the fears we feel regarding those dreams and break the fears.

We need to believe that good people will like us and that we can make good friends with people who are achievers and dreamers and goal-setters and strong.

We need to believe we are smart and capable and able.

We need to believe God is enough and we are enough.

Like Zach Williams writes in his song, “Chainbreaker”

If you’ve got chains
He’s a chain breaker

If you believe it
If you receive it
If you can feel it
Somebody testify




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