How I Mom 7/30 “Be your kids’ number one cheerleader”

When one of my now-college aged twins was on the seventh grade basketball team for his Middle School, I was at an appointment before his game and was running late. He texted me moments before the game was to start and asked me where I was.

He cared that I was there.

And sometimes our kids will act like they do not care that we show up to support them, and they will even say that we do not need to come, or, once in a while, certain kids — okay one of mine — tell us not to come. But I still attend.

I have heard moms talk about how hard it is being so busy running around to all of their kids’ events and it can get chaotic and wild and feel like you are always running and you just want to stay home sometimes, but it matters that we show up for our kids. We should always be our kids’ number one cheerleader. IMG_9761

With a larger family, there have been times when my husband and I have had to divide and conquer when it comes to attending our kids’ events and activities; he attends one kids’ game while I attend another child’s recital, and so on, and I am sure you have done that as well.

I believe as long as one of the us is at an event for our kids, that is great.

Moms, attend the little league games and the band concerts and the piano recitals and the Boy Scout courts of honor. Be there for the class parties and field trips and the fifth grade graduations and the recreational soccer games.

Be our kids front row fans. 

It matters that we show up.

—     —     —     —

This is post 7 in this month’s 30 ways I mom series for the 30 days of November. 

What is one way you show up for your kid? What is one way you mom? Use the hashtag #howyoumom30 or #howimom30 and share in the comments section below or on social media, where I am posting these as well as here.


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