When I asked my twins what they wanted to do for this week’s adventure, they said hang with their cousins. But, I wanted to go to a new place, to adventure out. So we did what we often do–combine ideas. I told my sister that I wanted to get together and go someplace outdoors to  let the cousins run. So, we went to a new (to me) park called Commonwealth Lake Park, which is near my nephew’s new house in Beaverton. It is such a delight to watch the cousins walk together and chatter and share and run and throw rocks into the lake and climb fences and climb the play structure and just enjoy a summer day together at a park. It is more of a city park but adventure happens in many locations.

When we returned to my sister’s house, the older cousins wanted to play Axis and Allies board game while the younger cousins played the game Trouble. I love board games. Anything to get away from electronics!

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