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Adventure with Kids- Summer 2010 Week 6 – Beacon Rock and Steigerwald Wildlife Refuge

For our Week 6 adventure, my three youngest boys and I drove  to Beacon Rock, which Micki had hiked up with his class in fourth grade when Mr. Munoz was his teacher. On the way, I saw a sign for the Steigerwald Lake Wildlife Refuge, so I said to the kids that I would like to see what this was like. Two of my three boys said “No, Mom,” but my youngest said yes and I really wanted to stop. That is part of what adventure is to me — discovering new places along the way and not being so schedule-bound.

At the  Wildlife Refuge we walked along the trail looking for any animals or birds we could find. The plants were beautiful and the kids were just ready to get to Beacon Rock.

Off then to Beacon Rock. It was a 25 minute hike up the steep slope to arrive at the top of the Rock that overlooks the Columbia Gorge. The boys practically ran up that hill as they always like to see who can be first and who gets to lead.  I love that their enthusiasm.

At the top of Beacon Rock the view was spectacular of the Columbia Gorge and River. We met another  mom of five kids who felt so good about hiking to the top of Beacon Rock with two of her kids and her husband. She had done the hike years ago while in school. She said she has been losing weight and could not have done this hike a few weeks ago. We snapped pictures and exchanged contact info. I told her I would send her a photograph if she emails me. Their name is Otto. We found out they are also believers.

On our way home, we stopped at a market where the twins wanted to look for Zippo lighters, which their big brother has. They are excited to now have their own. I also bought hydrogen peroxide to clean up the wound from my fall. No, I did not fall at Beacon Rock but by the bathrooms!

Here is info about our adventure:

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  1. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Good point Maru!! . . .

  2. maru says

    Although I’m sure your kids are very responsible, I hope your boys don’t bring their new shinny Zippo lighters on their next hiking adventure!? LOL :)

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