For  our week 4 Summer Adventure with Kids, it was a family trek to hike along the Old Salmon River Trail, near Welches Oregon. We had to get a permit before hand at the ranger station ($ 30 year pass) then we  parked in the Green CanyonsNational Forest Campground to catch the trailhead.   We first ate lunch near the river, and then made our way to the upper side of the trail, looking for the path that goes along the river. I was so happy that Ryan  joined us for this adventure. He had had his wisdom teeth out the Friday before, so I was surprised by his eagerness to tag along with us!

For the first part of the hike, we climbed up hill for over 30 minutes, getting quite the workout, before we realized we were not on the trail that would go along Salmon River. After sweating and climbing for some time, we turned around. It was a very hot day and the kids just wanted to get to the river to cool off.

We returned to the campground and found the river. The kids loved splashing in the cold water. It was so delightful listening to the conversation of the kids as they looked for animals in the water. First, Augustin thought he saw a leech, which brought back memories of Yellowstone Park from last summer and Stefan having leeches on his leg while swimming in the water.

Later, Chris discovered the trail that worked its way along the river and we decided to wait for that adventure until next time.

Link to the Old Salmon River Trailhead:

Links to the campground:

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