How about Huckleberry Milkshakes to start off the Week 3 Adventure at Trout Lake, Washington. By the rushing creek. With the breathtaking view of Mt. Adams in the background.Before going off to Missions Camp at Jonah Ministries, where the focus is on the ultimate adventure of life. 

I had heard about Jonah Ministries from the Reavely family. Lauren and Leslie attended the Missions Camp a few years ago and were inspired to form a non-profit organization, H20, after attending the camp. I had written about them in an Oregonian story.

Something about Jonah Ministries seems so simple, so back to basics.  Worship, for example, features no large performing band. Just an acoustic guitar and a singer.

A family run ministry, Jonah Ministries started from the seed of an idea by a Grandmother. Her entire family gave up the lives they formerly lived to help run the year round Christian ministry center, which features theme camps each week, one of which is the Missions camp my twins and their friend Jonas attended. During the 4-day camp, the kids experienced what it is like to be a missionary in a simulated situation. Going through customs and security checks. And getting their bibles taken away from them.

My twins really enjoyed the camp, and already want to return next year. And possibly attend the High Adventure camp held there in two weeks. The drive up there along the Columbia Gorge is amazing and the little town of Trout Lake is quaint. I missed my sunshine boys and I am not sure about the next camp. I want to do adventures with them separate from these camps, and only  getting to drive them to camp, and perhaps put our feet in rushing creeks while sipping hand-dipped milkshakes.

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