My seven-year old and I drove my twins and my husband to Boy Scout Camp this week at Camp Meriwether near Tillamoook, Oregon on the coast. My husband is an assistant scout master and the twins are First Class rank. They spent a week there on an adventure of hiking, shooting bows and arrows, earning merit badges, swimming, walking along the beach, and camping. The merit badges they earned were environmental science, life saving, and first aid.

Boy Scouts are all about adventure and community service and teaching youth  skills that stay with them for a life time. While the twins were at camp, my seven-year-old attended his own outdoor camp-Fun in the Sun  through Parks and Rec while I worked on my book.

Yesterday, Augustin and I drove back to Camp Meriwether  to attend the family evening of dinner in the lodge with the Scouts as well as the Camp Fire Program on the water. The boys were a little more tired and a little more dirty than when I dropped them off a week ago, but still filled with energy while singing and chanting and clapping and enjoying the camp fire program.

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