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Adventure with Kids-Summer 2010 Week 10 – Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation Nature Park

For Week 10 and perhaps our final summer adventure with kids for 2010, we went local, to the Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation Nature Park outside of Beaverton. We asked another mom and her son, who is the same age as my twins, to join us for this trek trying something new outdoors. The  222-acre wildlife preserve features meadows, evergreen and deciduous trees,  creeks, wetlands, and ponds, as noted on their website

But, as often is the case, it’s what not only the things listed on the  website that intrigues the kids. It’s things like spotting snakes that move beside the trail that the boys just have to have chase after to try to catch. It’s pointing out spider webs that look like tents – and as my mom friend Liz pointed out – are probably actually caterpillar tents. And for the kids, it’s seeing branches that hang over the trail that have created a natural  arch and  realizing they are the perfect place to jump up and hang from.  



Now that is adventure.

I never want it to end.

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  1. maru says

    A most beautiful (almost romantic) place! Love the arching tree branches! Yet, another great place I’ve never been! :(

    Now, back to school! And more adventures, I’m sure…. 😀

  2. KC Anderson says

    Great trip to finish up on for your Summer adventures.

    The time you spend with your kids when they are youg is so fleeting, savor every moment of it.

    Have a great week.


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