So, my youngest was having some days  camping with his grand parents and my twins had said they have never been to Seattle. We were trying to find a place to go, an adventure, with just the twins and me.  I was feeling a bit sad that summer is close to over and I wanted to get away on an adventure farther than we had been this summer, which had  been Timothy Lake.

After looking into places three to four hours away in Oregon, I also got my twins involved in the search. I had a few things to finish for the classes I begin teaching at Multnomah Monday, but I needed this  time with my twins. I needed the adventure. I had promised them a get away  and I was  really looking forward to time  with my sweet boys.

It was just a mention by Mickael Josef that he had never been to 
Seattle before that sparked my encouragement of that idea. One  of the  twins’  friends is  moving to Seattle this summer   and the city intrigued him. That was all it took.  As I was working on some last minute items for my class preparation at  Multnomah, I encouraged my twins to look up places  to stay near Seattle.  Jacuzzi was one for sure amenity. Our cousin was not in town.

Tuesday we took off mid day on our Seattle  adventure, and it was so much fun to hang with my sweet 12 year olds. To see them navigating me on the roads, to see them find the hotel they had discovered online. To hear them tell me things they wanted to do on our  Seattle adventure. One thing was clear-visit Safeco Baseball stadium, which surprised me since we are not a big baseball family.
But.  First things  first. The Space Needle.

At  Sunset. First   off, having   my  twins  help  plan the two days we would be away. And getting the hotel room first was important  to them. Then, it was the Space  Needle, but I missed a turn off. We did make it just after sunset.

Wow,  the view of Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. The many people there from so many countries. The time with just my boys, who will be in seventh grade this fall.

The next day we had a whirlwind of a day touring Seattle and what was especially neat was my boys  helping make the decisions as to what new experience in Seattle they wanted to live out. They noted Safeco baseball field so we made the effort to get there for a tour of where the Seattle Mariners play. I wanted to be sure to go to Pikes Place Market and the Science Fiction Museum intrigued my boys. And, riding the shuttle was a hit.

The trip marked the almost end of summer, the almost end of them being children before they turn teenagers, the continued adventure with my kids this summer. When I told my daughter about the adventure to Seattle, she noted that normally I do not do cities for adventures. I have emphasized outdoors and nature a lot when it comes to adventure but in the end it is about discovering something new, having time together away from the ordinary, and being together. That is adventure, which I  love to be deliberate about with my kids.

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