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A Bloom in the Sidewalk features stories of six women healed by art

(Published in print edition June 26, 2013 of SW Weekly Oregonian June 26, 2013 and found on OREGONLIVE STORY ON BLOOM IN THE SIDEWALK)


When Kimber Dion and her sister Kristin Schultz, were growing up in the Portland  area, they were both sexually abused by an uncle, but neither of the girls knew how to talk about their experience.

Though the uncle passed away when Dion was 10, the affects of the abuse stayed with the sisters. As adults, they began looking for films and documentaries that spoke to women who had suffered and they found none.

With Dion’s interest in film making, she decided to create her own.

The result of that effort is the feature length documentary, A Bloom in the Sidewalk, which she premiered June 16 in New York at the Producers Club. Dion was the director of the film.

The 93-minute film was a collaborative effort of Boulevard Studios — which Dion, Schultz, and Dion’s husband Jayme Hall, founded in 2010 — and Ponder All Productions. They are sending it out to film festival circuits.

A Bloom in the Sidewalk captures the journeys of six women who suffered abuse, loss, and sex trafficking, and how art healed them. From writing to singing to photography to painting to screenwriting and filmmaking, the six women featured share their stories of tragedy/loss to redemption, or “blooms” that grow in the sidewalk.

Dion said that she has seen that when people have suffered, they turn to addictive behavior to cover up pain.

“We decided to walk a different path,” said Dion, 35, who started working in independent film in 2006.

East-coast Portland transplant Sarah Thebarge, for example, “survived a double mastectomy and used her writing to help her heal.” Her book, The Invisible Girls, was released in spring.

Dion speaks of her own journey of surviving abuse as well as the loss of a child.

The film screening tin New York was an amazing experience for Dion.

“Several people came up to me and said they thought I was very bold in my filmmaking, as we allowed people to actually tell the truth,” the mom of four surviving  children said.

Dion added, “If one woman watches this film and connects to it and decides that she is not alone and there is hope, then my job is done.”

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16 Responses

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  1. Lori M. White says

    THERE ARE SPECIFIC PLANS IN PLACE for distributing our powerful documentary to many dark corners, around the globe, into the hands of women in need ~ where it can continue to provoke, motivate and INSPIRE!!! We hope whether we get just one message to liberate just one battered soul, or cause an entire movement of escape, redemption and HEALING for many that these brave women’s stories and journeys back to their lives can and will be encouraged to happen thru art. ART SAVES LIVES! ~ LMW, Producer

  2. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Lisa- thank you for writing and for being courageous to share your past pain. I do hope and pray this film will help heal.

  3. Kimber Dion says

    Lisa~ Thank you! We want so badly for people to know that it’s okay to talk about it and it’s okay to grieve what you have been through, and that it is possible to walk the path of healing and not let it define us, it may leave scars, but it isn’t who we are. I hope it helps people feel that they are not alone :)

  4. Lisa Corcoran says

    As a survivor of sexual abuse I say Thank You for doing this :) I’m so proud of you and your sister for being so strong <3

  5. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Carl- it is a documentary that many should see- thanks for commenting!

  6. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Maurice- indeed they were very brave in making the film!

  7. Andrea Muenter says

    Congrats to you and your sister Kimber! Fingers crossed!

  8. Carl Stone says

    a story that all parents should hear, and a healing story for many
    Congratulations for your accomplishment!

  9. Kelly hirz says

    You’re so courageous! You have overcome what would normally hold a person back. Not Kimber! You go girl!

  10. Maurice byrne says

    Congratulations to everyone involved in making this brave and forthright movie.

  11. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Kimber- I was happy to be able share your heart and these journeys with readers of The Oregonian and this blog. I look forward to seeing where you are able to screen the film and people will find hope through the film.

  12. Cornelia Seigneur says

    William- yes, their stories are inspiring and the paths they have walked. I believe their work will encourage others.

  13. Cornelia Seigneur says

    Ron- indeed, congrats to these ladies for their courage!

  14. Ron Christopher says

    Congratulations…..much success with your film!

  15. William J. Farley says

    Very nicely done, and very inspiring for anyone dealing with grief, loss, pain, tragedy, etc. I applaude these ladies and what they’ve done with the paths they have walked, and encourage others to find their own stride in finding how to heal.

  16. Kimber Dion says

    Thank you for letting us share our journeys and our hearts, we are truly grateful to be able to help others. To come along side another human being and hold their hand or help shoulder their burden is an amazing thing to do in life.

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