A 6 year old Delaware cub scout is so excited to bring his camping utensil to school. The tool is a combination spoon, a fork and a knife, Swiss Army style, and the boy was anticipating using the multi-purpose tool at school for lunch time.  cubacamp_t

The school thought differently and with its no-tolerance policy, they suspended the poor little first grader for 45 days and wanted to place him in a reform school.   http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,564605,00.html 

Okay, I am all about school safety but this shows the ridiculousness of a policy that addresses a one size fits all situation which is just not the case here. This is an innocent 6 year old in first grade not a criminal in need of reform school.

The 6 year old had no intention of any violence and a simple instruction to him from a teacher or administrator saying: “Please put your tool away until you get home,” would have been fine. And perhaps a phone call to Mom and Dad. Done. Finished. But instead it becomes an international news story that even made the bbc news http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8305987.stm 

My 6th grade boys are Boy Scouts and my 18 year old son is an Eagle Scout and I believe in the Boy Scouts and I believe in boys being boys and I believe in getting boys outside to play and I believe in teaching boys and girls how to use tools correctly and to not demonize them for it.

My boys love their tools and they have each received knives for their 5th birthdays and on vacations they have been able to get knives and we teach them how to properly use knives and there comes a time when they get to keep their knives in their rooms, when they learn responsibility. It is a coming of age thing.

My husband comes from a hunting and fishing family and hunting knives and fishing rods and knives are tools of the trade and I love the fact that my boys love the outdoors. That they can get beyond the suburban lifestyle of being driven everywhere, of neon video games and electronics and get back to nature.

Criminalizing our children for an innocent act of bringing a tool to school is ridiculous and an exaggeration of the situation. Can we use some common sense here.

I understand schools need to have policies with regards to students bringing weapons to school, but they also need to keep those policies in check with each situation and not over-react.

A 6 year old needs to learn his reading and writing and arithmetic – not be sent to reform school for –bless his heart-wanting to use his camping utensil at school.

The parents did go to the school board about the situation to talk about how crazy it is it have a one size fits all policy in place and they did act quickly to reverse the punishment, reducing his suspension to 3 days and no reform school. – http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/33289924/ns/today-today_people/  He is set to go back to school  Wednesday.

I say, still too long.Let the poor kid back into school right away. And apologize to him and to his family.

The parents are working with the district to change the policy toward the kindergarten and first grade students.

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